Employee Recognition & Rewards In Hybrid Era

by Kylee Stone Jun 4,2022

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

The COVID-19 crisis has changed how organisations operate. Most companies are now moving towards a hybrid setup and crafting strategies to manage their remote and hybrid teams.

In the last two years, employees’ morale and motivation have taken a major hit. Since the start of the crisis, employees have had to bear the brunt of the sudden transition to a remote setup that has impacted their productivity and engagement levels. Even now, when most organisations are adopting a hybrid setup, it is challenging for employees to maintain a higher level of motivation towards their work. The major impediments to employee morale are missing social cues and employee bonding.

Employees miss cheering on floors for each other, team outings and lunches, praising team members for their support and exemplary work, and most importantly, getting recognition for their contributions.

As organisations now prepare themselves to manage geographically dispersed teams, it is imperative for them to know how employee recognition and rewards work in this hybrid era.

This article will touch upon different aspects of employee recognition in a hybrid setup and provide some expert ways to keep your hybrid workforce motivated.

Employee Recognition During Crisis

Employee recognition is the open acknowledgment or praise of employees by their managers for work done. It gives employees the assurance that their contributions to the organization are recognized and appreciated. Some of the benefits of employee recognition are:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Employee Retention
  • Boosts Morale
  • Reduced Turnover

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it has been difficult for managers to follow the traditional employee recognition programs. It has affected organisations all over, across industries, which includes the insurance sector as well. As a result, recognition through Employee Recognition Software and other tools is becoming more prevalent now.

Employee Recognition Ways In Hybrid Setup

Here are some ways in which you can recognise and reward your hybrid workforce.

Face-To-Face Recognition

At the office, it might have been very easy to reward and recognize your employees for their achievements by having a simple stand-up, sponsoring office lunch, or simply having a round of applause for the achiever. But now, since employees are working partly remotely and partly from home, you can organize virtual face-to-face meetups through Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom to announce the achievements. Employees will feel happy meeting each other virtually and get that in-office feeling.

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Social Praise

Who doesn’t like a little bit of public recognition and appreciation? Everyone does.  When an employee is publicly praised, they feel valued and important. Getting praised in public has a huge impact on boosting an employee’s morale and confidence. Using a simple Employee Recognition Software to reward and praise your remote and hybrid teams will simplify your job as a manager. 

Engagedly’s Real Time Performance Management Software has a public praise option that allows employees to praise each other for accomplishments, and work done along with points. The praises are visible to everyone in the organization.

Focus On Professional Development

One more way to reward and recognize your hybrid teams is to take care of their professional development. Employees will appreciate the efforts as they will feel that the organization cares about their professional development even in the pandemic. As a manager, connect with your employees frequently to know about their professional development plans. This will help you guide your employees easily. Provide free or discounted online courses to your employees for their development. 

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As a manager, select an Employee Recognition Software for your organization that supports gamification. Make gamification a part of the ongoing employee recognition program as it is a great way to boost employee engagement and motivation. It will encourage employees to put in their best efforts every week and will boost the productivity of the employee and the organization overall.

Buy Them Lunch

You can order lunches for your employees to celebrate their success and achievements. Research for nearby restaurants in your team member’s locality, and order for a meal from there. Employees will feel that the team lunch is still being celebrated in honor of their success. This will also reduce their stress of cooking one extra meal for the day.

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Praise from Peers

Introduce and support peer-to-peer employee recognition so that apart from getting appreciation or recognition from managers and superiors, they get it from peers as well. Go for an Employee Recognition Software for your organization, which will support peer to peer recognition through simple nominations or praises. This can be done through the organization website as well. Not only it creates a great bond between your employees, but it also improves employee engagement.

Gift Cards

Purchase and gift your employees’ gift cards, which they can redeem whenever they want. It is a great way to recognize and reward your remote and hybrid employees. Offer gift cards to your employees not only to appreciate the work they do but also for their birthdays and anniversaries.  Many Employee Recognition Software supports the gift card functionality, acquire one for your organization. It will reduce your burden of looking or purchasing a gift card from outside or other e-commerce portals.

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