How Engagedly Can Help You Enhance Employee Engagement

by Jacqueline Martinez Aug 15,2020

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

We are all aware of the way the world has changed in the past 6 months. Work from home has become the norm, and keeping remote employees engaged and motivated is a challenge all organizations face today. Before we leap into the core topic, it’s important for you to understand the employee’s perspective.

75% of the world’s population of employees used to commute to their offices everyday, live a routine of movement and activity. Only about 7% of U.S. workers had the option to regularly work from home (source). However, with the outbreak of Covid-19, that scene has drastically changed. Now employees spend almost everyday at home, working remotely and hardly stepping out in the process. Movement and activity has reduced tremendously, along with face-to-face interactions with colleagues and leaders. From enjoying very active, healthy, and interactive schedule, to a shift in being homebound most of the time; a certain amount of physical, intellectual and emotional inertia is bound to set in. This can slow down organizational growth and in the long run, economical growth. That’s why employee engagement is of utmost importance today.

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We often come across interesting articles which convey that engaged employees can help you increase your organizational productivity. But larger organizations, more often than not, are still focusing on their deadlines and on getting the work done. They are forgetting that it is also important for employees to be enthusiastic about what they are doing. One engaged employee can contribute a lot more to organizational productivity than ten disengaged employees.

It is not a change that you can bring about overnight. It is a culture that should be fostered gradually by encouraging employees to participate and communicate more. What if, an application is exclusively dedicated to promoting engagement for your employees? Engagedly is a performance management software that drives a culture of engagement, even if your employees are working remotely.

Here are 5 reasons why you need Engagedly to drive employee engagement.

Continuous feedback

Impact and validity of feedback is very time-bound. If they are not shared immediately, they fail to direct employees in the right direction. Engagedly’s feedback feature normalizes the idea of giving and receiving feedback anytime throughout the year. Employees can request feedback whenever they want to. Engagedly also gives you an option to select the areas on which the feedback should be given.

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This allows all the employees in an organization to improve themselves constantly. This process of continuous feedback keeps employees driven throughout the year and not just before performance reviews; hence promoting employee engagement.

User can respond to Feedback Request

Social forum for ease of communication

Every employee is smart and exceptional in their own way. Having a platform to express their thoughts and opinions is a great motivator. Engagedly’s social feature allows employees to share posts, share ideas, request for help and share knowledge. Engagedly allows you to create interest groups and share documents and other material with colleagues. Encouraging employees to express themselves and interact socially makes your virtual workplace a communication-friendly space and helps employees remain engaged.

Objectives and Goals

With very less chances of personal interactions these days, we have to streamline the process of clear goal setting. Setting clear and distinct goals is very important to complete any task. Employees can create goals for themselves and their direct reports using the Engagedly goals module. As a manager or an HR, it is important to set clear goals for your employees so that everyone works towards a collective goal.

Engagedly also has an option to align individual goals with the organizational goals so that employees know how the success of their individual goals can contribute to the accomplishment of organizational goals. In Engagedly, goals can also be reviewed by managers from time to time to check if their employees are on the right track.

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Learning and development

Its needless to say that we’ve got to keep learning constantly. Otherwise we’ll not be able remain on the top of our game. No matter how old you are, what you do, keeping yourself up to date with the current industry trends is very important.

Video File Unit

Engagedly’s Learning feature helps you create new courses, and for each course an employee completes, they are awarded points by the course creator. When you assign courses to employees for their development, it motivates them because they know you are genuinely interested in developing them and improving their skills. When employees develop their professional skills, it boosts their self-confidence which in turn promotes an engagement culture.

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Recognition and praise

This is an extremely important module, especially for today’s work culture. This can be considered another type of feedback. Receiving praise and recognition for their work is every employee’s dream. Engagedly’s public praise feature allows you to praise any employee publicly for the extra effort that they put in towards achieving a goal.

Praise An Employee

When employees go above and beyond to accomplish their goals, it is important to recognize their efforts and praise them. This keeps them motivated and engaged.

Engagedly is offering a suite of products part of its Remote Work Toolkit free to any organisation, until Sept 30th, 2020. 

The Coronavirus has affected the way we work today and for months to come. Unprecedented events require unprecedented measures. We at Engagedly believe it is our responsibility as socially conscious corporate citizens to help equip organisations with additional tools and resources during this time of crisis.

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