How To Disagree With Your Manager?

by Kunal Arora Apr 1,2016

In an organization, different people have different opinions on a particular thing, we agree with some we do not agree with some. But when it comes to disagreeing with the boss, most often employees tend to avoid such situations, fearing that it might affect their growth in the organization.

You might sometimes find yourself in situations where you have to strongly disagree with your boss. How do you do it constructively without your boss getting offended?

Here are few tips for you.

1. Pick The Right Time

It is always good to look for the right time and place before you choose to disagree on something with your boss. Be sensitive about your boss’s personality before you dive in to disagree. Do not do it in front of all your colleagues, instead try to keep it private.

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2. Ask For Permission

Before you speak about your disagreement, ask your boss for permission to express your opinion on the topic being discussed. This is an influential way to honor the position of boss and avoid any negative consequences.

3. Don’t Make It Personal

When you want to disagree with a professional decision of your boss, do not make it personal. Discuss with your boss and decide what is to be done. Do not dominate the discussion, trying to prove yourself. Let your boss also give his opinion. If your boss doesn’t agree with you do not hold grudges against him.

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4. Give A Valid Reason

Before you disagree with your boss, it is important to have a strong and valid reason. When you disagree with your boss, everyone expects the reason to be strong and genuine. You cannot go along and disagree with your boss just for the sake of disagreeing; this can make or break your career. So be sure to have a strong reason to disagree.

5. Offer Alternate Solutions

When you are disagreeing something, you are disapproving your boss’s opinion. So you better come up with a better alternative. It is easy to disagree with something but it is not so easy to find a better solution that your boss would agree with.

6. Encourage Feedback

Once you are done expressing your opinions, ask for feedback. Because ending a meeting with a positive note is as important as starting with one. And do not feel discouraged if you get a negative feedback from your boss. Ask him where you need to improve yourself, and try improving in those areas.

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