Initiatives to Boost Employee Engagement At Your Organization

by Kylee Stone Nov 15,2019

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

There is a constant need to improve upon employee engagement levels, instead of letting them stay as-is.

This is not to do with playing the numbers game, but rather because it is important to keep switching things up. Things that engage employees change constantly. And it is important for organizations to view employee engagement as something that is malleable and therefore must be moulded accordingly. Organizations might think they have no control over employee engagement. However, that is true to only a certain extent. While organizations cannot completely control employee engagement levels, there is no reason why they cannot shape its trajectory. This can be accomplished by implementing initiatives to boost employee engagement.

Talent development

Talent development and upskilling is an important aspect of employee engagement. It is not an initiative that benefits employees alone. It benefits the organizations as well. Talent development allows employees the freedom to learn skills and abilities that are not normally a part of their job description. When organizations provide employees with adequate avenues to learn new skills, employees enjoy being a part of an organization that takes an interest in their skill development as well.

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Leader-led team outings

Team outings are all well and good but every year, it is important for senior leaders to face time with employees as well. This can be used as an opportunity by the leaders to share their vision for the company’s future and give employees an idea about what is happening next. This is not just an event where everybody gets to meet and greet, but rather, it is a way for leaders to be transparent about the company’s growth and for employees to share the organization’s future goals and values. When leaders and employees meet and communicate, outside of the workplace (not just the bad things, but also the good), it creates an environment of shared aspirations and goals. When employees feel invested in the company and know that they too have a stake in how the organization grows, employee engagement levels automatically rise.

Streamline processes and upgrade work technology

Nothing kills engagement and motivation than pushing through arduous processes and dealing with cumbersome technology. Ease of doing work also has an impact on employee engagement. Organizations can influence work policies or departmental policies and ensure that they allow for ease of work instead of stalling it. Additionally, upgrading technology as and when needed can also help employees accomplish their goals faster, instead of killing motivation because their system happened to freeze for the fourth time in a day.

Create inclusive workplaces

Creating inclusive workplaces is not just about sprucing up a place to make it look fresh and appealing, but also ensuring that accommodations are available for all employees who need them. Accommodations can be for those who are differently abled, those who have medical conditions, those who are recovering from personal tragedies, etc. The additions of accommodations and inclusive policies help employees integrate better into the organization and engage better as well. When their personal needs are taken care of, employees feel more at ease and can devote most of their concentration to work.

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Flexibility perks according to employee needs

Once again, understanding employee needs can go a long way towards increasing employee engagement levels. This means organizations understand that sometimes employees to have to deal with personal issues that require them to be away from work. And if they are not worried about job security when they are dealing with issues, then there is a higher chance they are going to stay at the organization longer. Sensitivity and understanding from senior leaders and policymakers make employees feel like they are part of an organization that values them as people, not just as cogs in the machine. And who does not want to work at an organization that understands that employees are people as well?

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