In today’s corporate world, most companies crave employee engagement. Employers want their employees to actively participate and improve themselves at every step. We know by now that engaged employees can really help an organization soar.

Employee engagement has a direct impact on things like productivity, customer retention etc.  There are many ways to keep employees engaged. Employers normally like to praise and recognize employees or give them rewards. One other way of fostering employing engagement is to help  build a learning culture in the organization, one that helps employees grow as individuals and also helps them develop professionally.

Here are few tips on how to build a learning culture at your workplace.

Formalize Learning

Talk to your employees about the importance of constantly improving their knowledge and how it affects the organizational growth. Make learning formal process, one that is part of everyday life in the organization. This way, employees know that learning is encouraged and appreciated.

Apply Blended Learning

Not every type of learning works for every individual and situation. It differs for individuals based on their organizational goals and their job responsibilities.  Use blended learning and maximize the options for your employees to learn.

Allow Employees To Make Mistakes

No one is perfect; everyone makes mistakes. In fact, mistakes are a big part of learning. They are what spur employees to learn more or learn better. Instead of penalizing mistakes, accept that they will happen.

Ask For Feedback

Once you begin implementing learning culture in your organization, it is important to know how well it is working. So send out feedback surveys to your employees and improve your ways of building a learning culture at the workplace.

Keep Calm And Reward

It is important to reward individuals who prioritize learning. Establish right training and learning opportunities for them. Allow them to share their ideas and give them an opportunity to share their knowledge with other employees. This helps you build a healthy culture of learning.

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