Tips To Motivate Remote Employees in 2024

by Gabby Davis Mar 10,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

With the growing threat of coronavirus hitting the United States, the prospect of having to work from home is increasing, and it is disrupting normal work patterns, modes of communication, and team dynamics. The increasing uncertainty and anxiety about the personal dangers from the epidemic is said to increase the number of employees opting to work from home.

With this increasing need for working from home, the need to foster a strong culture at the workplace has also increased. Working from homes enables most employees to spend less time commuting to their office and dedicate more time to completing their work.

Though many employees are comfortable with remote working, not working in a traditional work environment brings its own set of challenges. One of the major challenges that managers face with remote employees is the challenge of engaging a team that works mostly outside the office.

Here are five of the best tips for engaging remote employees!


The need for feeling connected with traditional workforce is an important thing to focus on when it comes to remote working. Using latest tools like Slack, Dropbox, Trello etc., help your employees communicate, collaborate and stay connected with each other.

Apps like Google hangouts, Zoom, or any other Zoom alternatives, are designed to initiate participation and to make meetings more interactive and inclusive. Using these kinds of tools on a regular basis can help your remote employees feel connected and stay engaged. Engagedly also allows you to easily handle various aspects of HR by automating goal setting, tracking, performance reviews, etc.


Communication is very important when working with remote workers. It is a known fact that managers treat their traditional workers differently from their remote employees. Being left out is one of the biggest fears of a remote employee. Sometimes, managers forget to communicate important information with remote employees that they might have shared spontaneously with the traditional employees. This might lead to disengagement in remote employees. To avoid this, make a conscious effort to communicate with your remote workers.

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Send out a weekly updates email to them so that they do not miss out on important announcements and updates at workplace. With Engagedly, you can encourage remote employees to communicate with everyone else using the social feature where you can share knowledge, ask for help, and share an idea too!

Employee Feedback

Checking-in on employees frequently and giving them feedback on a regular basis is a good practice both for remote as well as traditional employees. When you do not check in on their work, remote employees tend to become disengaged. Checking-in on their work frequently and providing remote workers feedback and suggestions to improve their work, help them understand clearly what is expected of them.

Create this culture of feedback using one of the various awesome feedback tools available in the online market. This helps you stay connected to them and keep track of their work.

Interactive Opportunities

Encourage your virtual employees to bond with their team members through online collaboration. Try to get all your team members together in person at least once in a year. Use collaborative platforms to help your remote employees communicate and collaborate with each other. These apps allow your employees to post updates, invite each other for events, share knowledge, ask for help etc. so that the office-bound employees and remote employees get an opportunity to collaborate.

Employee Recognition

One of the most important actions to take to engage remote employees is to recognize their good work and reward them. When employees aren’t at the office it is easy to forget to recognize their accomplishments. There are various simple and effective ideas to recognize employees. Acknowledging the efforts of remote employees motivates them to stay engaged and productive.

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