Here is Why You Should Get a Performance Management Software

by Jacqueline Martinez Feb 24,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

One of the most important things that should be on every organisation’s agenda is continuous performance management.

Performance management influences more factors than we can imagine.

Good performance management begets healthy levels of employee engagement, innovation, employee contentment, improved levels of productivity, etc.

Poor performance management, on the other hand, is capable of wrecking an organisation. Because poor performance management relies on a lack of feedback, inconsistent goal setting, lack of recognition, poor management, etc. All these factors coming together are enough to wreck an organisation’s very foundations. And sometimes, despite the existence of these factors, organisations continue to chug along. But that is neither here nor there.

Just because organisations can manage, does not mean they have to do the bare minimum and carry on.

Performance management is transforming:

Over the past few decades, performance management has undergone a seachange. It has moved away from the annual model and become something of a continuous process. The annual performance review process understandably cannot keep up with today’s work landscape. However, for the longest time, organisations held onto antiquated performance management processes simply because it was the way things had always been done.

Customised models to suit company needs:

Quite a few organisations realised that the archaic annual performance review system cannot continue and have instead adopted customised models of performance management that work for them. Adobe developed its own system of check-ins. GE did away with their famous rank and yank system and adopted a feedback app to sustain continuous feedback.

Rethinking Performance Management?


But you don’t have to be a big organisation to revamp the performance management process. It is never too late to utilize a model of continuous performance management.

A successful continuous performance management process can be best achieved through using continuous performance management software.

Continuous performance management software integrates all the elements of performance management that one needs in order to achieve increased levels of employee engagement, employee productivity, systematic goal setting, etc. It also helps managers and leaders provide the coaching and development that most employees seek.

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