What Do Successful Leaders Do to Sustain Success?

by Srikant Chellappa Jun 15,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Who doesn’t want to be successful? We all visualize ourselves to be successful leaders one day. But do we know what these successful leaders are doing differently to actually live our dream in reality?

Great leaders are surprisingly approachable, open and always motivated. There are many ways to approach them and know about their journeys. We come across leaders at every aspect of our day but fail to recognize them sometimes. Here are few traits of successful leaders that will help you stay motivated always.


Leaders work on setting ‘SMART’ goals. The ‘SMART’ way allows a goal to be measured quantitatively as well as qualitatively. The SMART method stands for:

  • Specific – Goals should have a specific purpose. If there is no specific purpose to a goal, then it is bound to fail sooner or later.
  • Measurable – Goals should ideally be measurable, so that it can be tracked in terms of progress and completion. When you can measure a goal, you will also be able to tell if the goal was met successfully or not.
  • Achievable – Goal should be achievable. They shouldn’t be too easy nor too difficult to achieve.
  • Relevant – Goal-setting in itself is not enough – you must make sure that these goals are relevant to the people who will utilize them.
  • Timely – Goals should be time-specific during which it is to be carried out, and the objectives of the goal should be met. Time-specific goals help in keeping employees motivated and engaged.

Measurable goals will help everyone evaluate the results and help them know what is effective. Set goals and set up a plan to achieve it!

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Welcome Change

Most successful people have changed themselves from time to time according to the world, but haven’t forgotten their goals and plans. Being open to change is a refreshingly cool trait to have. This shows how flexible you are and how well you can handle yourself in case of any uncertainty.

Great leaders believe that values change with time, and so molding yourself with time isn’t that bad.

Continuous Learning

Learning is a continuous process. No matter how old you are, what you do, keeping yourself up to date with the current industry trends is very important.

Being humble and respecting people around them is one more quality that makes leaders successful. Great leaders believe that no one person is superior or inferior to anyone; everyone has their set of challenges to face and their way of solving them. So they tend to learn from everyone around them.


In the journey of being successful leaders, It is important to know where we are going wrong and how we can improve. Successful leaders reflect on their progress towards their goals frequently and strive hard to improve themselves.

Emotional Maturity

We all know that feelings play a major role in everybody’s life. Sometimes emotions are so strong that they can either make you extremely happy or extremely sad. Feelings have the ability to make you successful or a failure.

It is important for leaders to be excellent trust builders and possess soft skills and negotiating skills that can help their business benefit. Often referred to as emotional intelligence, these refer to the leadership abilities like communication, negotiation, self-motivation, ability to inspire, problem solving, critical thinking etc. These skills often help businesses grow from scratch and accomplish successes.

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Visualize The Best Version Of You

Visualizing yourself as best is really important before you actually succeed as a leader. And these mental pictures are the key for you to reach your goal! As a leader it is important to picture yourself meeting that goal as specifically as possible.

Where are you in that moment? What can you see  around you? What are you feeling? Who is around you? The positive effects of visualisation might be something that might keep you engaged and push you towards success.

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