A Systematic Update for an Outdated Process


California, United States


Update outdated processes


Coupa implemented Engagedly to locate everything in one single system


It was a key factor to seeing increases in compliance rates among Coupa employees

In Need of an Up-To-Date Learning Process

Coupa is a business spend management platform that delivers premium strategic analysis and directs clients to allocate and spend money appropriately. This inclusive platform handles clients’ procurement, invoices, expenses, payments and more.

Coupa University, within Coupa, is an area of the company that is dedicated to learning and familiarizing both employees and clients with the software. Vice President of Coupa University, Johnathan Fear, and his team are responsible for all of the learning procedures at Coupa. This includes handling product documentation, product e-learning, customer partner and employee product training, sales and service enablement, as well as general management and cultural training.

Fear and his team have the critical responsibility of training employees as well as servicing customers and teaching them how to best use the software. Fear says that the company initially reached out to Engagedly because of its need for an efficient review process. With a strong need to learn and understand the software, Coupa needed a process that would allow them to elicit feedback from employees and understand what elements of the learning processes were sound and what elements needed to be improved.


Increase in compliance

A Shift from Manual to Automated

Prior to using Engagedly, Coupa had a manual review process. It was taxing, inefficient, and time-consuming. In search of a better and more efficient system, Coupa came across Engagedly. After an initial conversation, Fear and his team quickly realized how robust the Engagedly platform was.

In addition to an automated review process, Engagedly offers tools that would enhance work life at Coupa in many regards. Fear noted that as their company grows in size, they plan to continue to integrate more features that Engagedly’s platform offers. He hopes that in the future they will have implemented “the full suite [platform] so that people are actually using it in full.”

The improvements in their review efficiency have been noticeable. They have seen a reduction in time spent on each of the performance review cycles, a reduction in overall cycle time, and an increase in compliance. Since making the review process much simpler and quick, more employees at Coupa have been willing and able to complete them by their deadline. Overall, Coupa has seen a 10% increase in compliance.

A Flawless Onboarding Process

Once the partnership with Engagedly and Coupa was confirmed, the Engagedly team worked hard to ensure a successful launch and adoption of their software. The Engagedly team was there every step of the way to answer any questions or problems that came up. Rather than just assisting them at the onset of the onboarding process, Engagedly was alert and hyperresponsive. Aaron Adams and the rest of the Engagedly team made it clear to Fear that they were intent on delivering as smooth and successful of an onboarding process as possible.

Fear commended Adams on his commitment to Coupa and attentiveness to any concerns that came up. He noted that the ease of the onboarding process and overall experience with working with the people at Engagedly has been extremely valuable and largely contributed to their satisfaction with the platform.

Moving Forward with Engagedly

A platform like Engagedly allowed Coupa employees and users to consolidate all internal processes on one singular platform. Beyond the efficiency and automation that Engagedly brought to Coupa, the ability to locate everything in one single system was a key factor in seeing increases in compliance rates among Coupa employees.

Overall, working with Engagedly has amplified the internal operations at Coupa. The two organizations have built a successful ongoing relationship, with plans to continue integrating more platform features in the future.

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