Employee Appreciation Day falls every year on the first Friday of March. If you have you not yet decided how to celebrate employee appreciation day at your work place, do not worry, we’ve got your back.

Here are a few last minute employee appreciation ideas, for you.

1. Hand Written Notes and Gift Cards

A hand written note can be as simple as ‘Thank you for your hard work, I am proud of you’. Surprise your employees by placing a gift card and a hand written note for them on their desk.

2. Free Printables

There are plenty of printables available on Pinterest and various other places on the internet.  Download creative quick notes, notes of appreciation, etc and print them. There are also various printables that can be used for fun activities, games etc at the workplace. So go ahead and give your best employee the best possible appreciation gift.

3. Free Food

Start the day at your workplace by offering your employees trays of cupcakes, cookies, etc. followed by a free lunch treat. Take your employees to a restaurant or someplace nice for lunch.  End the day with evening snacks and a little caffeine for your employees.

4. Flowers

Flowers are often used to convey various emotions like love, gratitude, etc. Why not use the same idea to appreciate your employees? Appreciate your employees at the workplace by gifting them a beautiful bouquet.

5. Early Day Out

Even if you can’t offer your employees a full day off, you can always have an extended lunch break or an early day out. Drop an email saying that you want to appreciate the efforts of your employees and give them a surprise time off.

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