Here is a very common complaint about feedback by employees. They find the feedback their managers give them to be insufficient.

Nobody wants an entire day’s worth of detailed feedback. However, it is very demoralizing for an employee to go in for their annual performance review and then come away barely 5 minutes later with a sense of discontent.

When one entire year of worth is distilled into a meeting that barely lasts 5 minutes, it’s hard not to feel unsatisfied. It is even worse when a manager genuinely would like to give his employees detailed feedback but cannot do so because he/she is pressed for time and cannot do so.

Traditional performance appraisal processes seem ideal but are not really helpful when one puts them into action. If your employees do not like the process, find it lacking and managers find the entire process a chore to carry out, then it is evident they are not working out like they are supposed to. Feedback is a part of a manager’s job. Sure, it gets the short shrift most of the time but that is because there is not enough value attached to it.

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Rewards are used to motivate employees to work harder and do better. By that extension, why not motivate managers too? And I am not talking about the rewards that are linked to compensation. Meaningful rewards have been shown to increase motivation and drive.

If managers were rewarded for the feedback they give, do you not think that they would be motivated to give meaningful feedback? Also, it would no longer be a chore for them.

And when they give meaningful feedback, employees are also happy and not discontent. The whole feedback cycle becomes more useful through the simple act of managers being rewarded for what can sometimes be a difficult task.

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