Engagedly Launches Ongoing Employee Check-ins: New Forward-looking Employee Goal Check-in That Aims To Replace Infrequent Monthly And Quarterly Goal Check-ins.

St. Louis, January 13, 2019 – Engagedly announces the launch of ongoing employee goal check-ins, designed to replace infrequent monthly and quarterly goal check-ins.

This research-backed goal check-in module facilitates weekly or biweekly check-ins where employees and their managers reflect on progress over the previous week, and work together to map each employee’s career trajectory and development path from time to time.

The Ongoing Employee Check-in empowers managers and HRs to do the following:

– Find the right review balance

– Create an ongoing feedback loop through constructive conversations

– Giving specific, actionable and real-time feedback to your team

– Discuss priorities and concerns with your team regularly

– Consistent employee productivity based on ongoing discussions and feedback throughout the year.

Through a lightweight weekly check-in, Engagedly delivers continuous employee feedback, objective (OKR) tracking, performance management and peer recognition. With the addition of the Ongoing employee check-ins, Engagedly’s Goal-setting solution shifts the performance review context for employees from one where they are judged and graded, to being supported on their journey of continuous growth and success.

About Engagedly

Engagedly is a progressive performance management and employee engagement software company based in St. Louis, MO with offices in India, Australia and the UK. Engagedly’s platform contains many features, such as 360 Multirater review, continuous feedback, goal setting, and more. The extremely customizable and user-friendly interface is perfect for any company looking to better engage employees and increase performance.