Check-ins enable managers and leaders to closely monitor progress, tackle challenges, and explore development opportunities with their teams.


Enhance manager-employee interactions

Check-ins create a dedicated channel for open communication. This empowers employees to voice their thoughts, share concerns, and engage in transparent discussions with their managers, fostering trust and openness. It’s a platform for employees to discuss work challenges, enabling managers to identify root causes and collaborate on practical solutions.


Facilitate Performance Evaluation

Check-ins serve as a pivotal point for performance evaluations. Conversations revolve around progress updates, recent achievements, and areas for improvement. This encourages collaborative goal-setting and ensures clear expectations and responsibilities, aligning employees and managers toward shared success.


Support Career Growth

Check-ins offer employees the opportunity to discuss career aspirations and professional development goals. Managers can guide potential career paths, recommend Individual Development Plans (IDPs), and assist employees in mapping their career trajectories within the organization.


Check-ins make employees feel valued and heard

Frequent check-ins play a vital role in understanding employee challenges and ensuring their concerns are acknowledged and addressed, significantly impacting job satisfaction. Organizations can increase workforce engagement by providing a platform for employee voices to be heard.


Optimize the check-in process with insights

Advanced analytics efficiently help monitor and manage the check-in process, offering valuable insights into response status, the number of check-ins initiated, and responses received. Managers can conveniently review their team’s check-ins, access response history due dates, and even nudge employees to complete their check-ins via the dashboard.

Why Engagedly’s Check-Ins is the Right Tool For You

Whether you’re a manager looking to enhance productivity, an organizational leader focused on improving performance, or an employee seeking open communication to address challenges, Engagedly offers the tools you need to succeed. Try it out today and see the difference it can make for your organization!

Check-Ins for Managers

Managers often need help to track progress and performance and may lose alignment with their employees’ goals and objectives. They also seek effective channels for discussing issues and areas of improvement. Here’s how Check-Ins can help managers:

  • Detailed insights into engagement, performance, and development
  • Obtain accurate information to gauge performance
  • Assist employees in overcoming challenges
  • Develop a culture of open communication and trust
  • Maintain alignment with the overall objectives
Check-Ins for Employees

Employees require a platform for transparent communication with their managers, enabling them to address challenges, share ideas, and explore opportunities for growth and improvement. Here’s how Check-Ins can help employees:

  • Facilitates open communication
  • Allows them to express their opinions and suggestions
  • Assists them in overcoming their challenges
  • Helps identify growth and development opportunities
  • It gives them clarity on their goals and expectations
Check-Ins for Leaders

Leaders often seek regular updates on the organization’s overall progress. They value frequent insights into aligning team goals and the broader organizational objectives. Here’s how Check-Ins can help leaders:

  • Establishes a channel for clear communication
  • Enhances understanding of organizational progress
  • Provides regular updates on performance and alignment
  • Allows them to offer solutions to problems
  • Helps foster engagement and growth
Objectives and Key Results Templates

The Ultimate Guide to Setting (and Sticking to) Business OKRs For Greater Organizational Alignment

Setting goals is a challenging task that requires a considerable effort regardless of the approach. Despite dedicating significant effort to goal setting, establishing an efficient process to accomplish those goals is often challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simplify OKRs & goals

Why is it important to know your goal?

Clearly understanding our goal is crucial for achieving success and personal growth. When you have a defined goal, you have a clear direction and purpose, which helps you stay focused and motivated. Knowing your goal also enables you to prioritize your time and resources towards achieving it, rather than being distracted by other tasks that are not as important.

What is OKR Software?

OKR software is a powerful tool designed to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals more easily and efficiently. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, a goal-setting method that has recently gained popularity for its simplicity and effectiveness.
With this software, you can set clear, measurable goals that align with your organization's overall strategy and then track your progress in real-time. One of the key benefits of OKR software is its ability to increase transparency and visibility throughout the organization.

Is OKR software capable of increasing employee engagement?

OKR software can be a powerful tool to increase employee engagement within an organization. By providing a clear framework for goal-setting and tracking progress, OKR software can help employees feel more connected to the overall strategy and purpose of the organization.

What features should an OKR tool have?

An effective OKR tool should have various features to help users define, track, and achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency. Some key features include Goal-setting, Progress tracking, Collaboration, Customization, Reminders and notifications, Data analytics, and Integration.
Overall, an effective OKR tool should be easy to use, customizable, and provide valuable insights and analytics to help users achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Why do you need OKR tracking software for a user-centered approach?

By enabling users to set clear, measurable objectives that align with their customers' or clients' needs and expectations, the software can help organizations deliver better results and drive greater satisfaction and loyalty.

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Performance Management Time Saved

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HR Professionals agree that Engagedly has a positive impact on Employee Development.

Improved Employee Retention

Businesses can rely on Engagedly to make a positive impact on employee retention.

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I love it . Definitely gonna spend my money here continuously. The product is so superb. I love that they have what I need. It’s very affordable and it really helps me a lot in doing the things I want for myself. Well done to this company!

Andrelyn C, Human Resources Director

51-200 employees


Engagedly has tons of features: performance reviews, goals, feedback, gamification, surveys, etc. I’ve asked them to add custom features and their development turn around time is amazing. This company really listens and responds quickly to customer requests.

Jessica D, HR Director

201-500 Employees


Very positive. The support team has been great during the rollout process. A LOT of features that academic research has proven are necessary for employee engagement. Clean layout. I like how you can turn items on or off.

John S, Director of Operations

501-1000 Employees


I believe Engagedly is solving the issue of not knowing or remembering all of the training and new platforms learned throughout the year. It is a good tool for helping yourself list all accomplishments for your annual review.

Latasha M, Credit Analyst

51-1000 emp


The software is very user friendly and has a strong look-and-feel. My favorite feature is the Feedback tool – this is well designed and allows a great amount of flexibility for the user when giving or receiving feedback.

Nicole M, Talent Development Partner

501-1000 Employees


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