Employee performance check-ins are one-on-one conversations between managers and employees about their goals and objectives and their performance plans.

In the previous two articles, we understood what employee check-ins are and why they are important for your team. 

In this article, let’s find out about the best practices for employee check-ins. If you want to make the most of employee check-ins, there are a few areas you need to focus on. 


Always have a clear agenda for employee check-ins. Understand and communicate what is expected of your employees through these check-ins. Decide on their objectives and key results and agree on what deliverables are expected of your employees. Be clear and specific. The check-in form shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for your employees to fill out. 


It is important to have an employee check-in, based on your organizational needs and business cycles. This frequency also depends on the department. For example, the engineering team might need an employee check-in every week because of the major weekly updates in the product while the support team might need it once every two weeks. So depending on the performance cycles and the agendas of different teams, the frequency of employee check-ins also changes.

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Depending on the employee check-ins, managers understand and plan a few things about their employees. Give them feedback based on their check-ins on what behaviors they should continue to demonstrate and what behaviors should be modified so that they contribute to organizational success. Providing frequent feedback on this is vital. 


Track employee development and understand their areas of expertise. You can utilize this opportunity to understand where they need help and how as an organization, you can provide support for employee development. You can even encourage your employees to come up with an actionable plan for their development.

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