4 Competencies That You Must Include In A 360 Degree Feedback Form

by Kylee Stone Jun 22,2022

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

To utilize 360 degree feedback effectively in an organization, it is important to design a handy feedback form for the entire process. To help you with the questionnaire, we have listed 4 most important 360 competencies that you must add to your 360 degree feedback form.

Four Must Have 360 Competencies

The following four 360 competencies are a must to evaluate your employees. You can include other competencies too in the evaluation from, but having the below-listed ones will help in understanding the core strengths and weaknesses of your workforce.

360 degree competency assessment


Change is what keeps things both relevant and valuable to the marketplace. With change being this constant, it is important for any organization to check for their employees’ adaptability to change. Therefore, this competency should necessarily be included in a 360 degree feedback form to know how well the employees manage change.

In the last two years, employees have had to undergo a lot of changes. The sudden shift to the remote working setup, followed by changes in employers’ expectations and performance measurement matrices, made employees disgruntled and disconnected from the organization.

Only employees with a high adaptability quotient were able to manage in such a capricious environment. That’s why having this competency in the feedback form makes it all the more relevant.

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Decision Making

Decision-making is an essential component of every business. Every employee makes several decisions a day at their work place. Sometimes they might also have to make quick decisions, and some of those decisions might also be of great value and risk. So, decision-making is one competency that justifies being added to the 360-degree feedback form.

Decision-making is both an art and a science. Employees with good decision-making acumen climb the career ladder fast and also help organizations succeed. It is a rare quality that everyone has to hone to get better at it. That is why you should use the 360-degree evaluation to assess your employees’ decision-making abilities.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts may arise when people have varied opinions on something or when expected results are not achieved. It is not always possible to find a solution, sometimes the situation just needs to be managed. So it is important for an employee to know how to manage conflicts. This competency should totally be added to the list because where there are multiple people, there are multiple opinions and conflicts are more likely to arise.

Most organizations assume that their managers are good at conflict management and resolution, but sometimes assumptions can result in major failures. To prevent that from happening, it is crucial to have people in your workforce that are equipped with this skill and can lead people to resolve conflicts amicably. Hence, conflict management competency must be a part of the 360-degree feedback form.

Inspiring Others

Inspiration boosts a person from apathy to possibility and changes the way we recognize our own capabilities. It is a pro if an employee has the ability to guide and inspire other coworkers toward achieving results.

It is such a rare competence that only a handful of people possess. Even though it can be learned and honed with experience, having employees in your workforce who are naturally inspiring and can lead others to the path of their highest work potential is invaluable. Having this competence in the 360-degree feedback form will help you in identifying employees that could become future managers or leaders.

The above-discussed competencies are some of the natural abilities of people. As an organization, it is important to identify employees that possess such competencies, as they can help others in their learning process.

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