6 Traits Of High Performance Teams

by Kylee Stone Nov 2,2019

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

High performance teams are teams whose members so actively engaged and dedicated. They produce results which are extraordinary and improve the overall productivity of an organization.

Creating a high performance culture requires a lot of effort.

High-performance teams are valued within an organization. But how can one differentiate between results and performance-oriented team and one that is not? Here are 6 characteristics of high performing teams.

Engaged And Enthusiastic

Members of teams that are performance-oriented tend to have high levels of enthusiasm. They are enthusiastic about all aspects of a project, right to the littlest detail, and they are genuinely invested in seeing projects through to the end. Enthusiasm in all forms tends to be infectious and can spread also pretty quickly. This energy has a very positive effect on all the other teams and also drives employee engagement.


Members of teams that are performance-oriented are dedicated to their jobs. When given projects or work assignments, they see them through the end and make sure that all aspects of their assignment/project are correct, down to the smallest detail. They also pay great attention to detail and will not skip over parts of a project in order to reach a completion date quicker.

Incredible Decision-Makers

Members of performance-oriented teams have the freedom to make decisions about projects, capabilities, and colleagues, etc, which are well within reason, of course. This freedom to make necessary decisions without having to dog a superior for permission is what allows high-performance teams to produce extraordinary results.

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In performance-oriented teams with ingrained group cohesiveness, it is evident that team members get along with each other extremely well. They provide able assistance whenever they can and, in case of any problem/issue, they can step in immediately to pick up slack because they are well-primed on what their team members are doing most of the time.

Open to Feedback

Just because a team is high performing, does not mean they shield themselves against any and all criticism or show a marked reluctance in accepting feedback. In fact, high performing teams keenly listen to criticism and feedback and take time to digest what is said to them before choosing to apply it or even reject it.

Openness to feedback is a quality that is highly valued by all managers. When you are open to feedback, you are open to new possibilities and you are open to change.

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Shared Vision

And finally, the most important characteristic of all. In a team that always performs above and beyond the mark, you will find that all the members of the team possess a united vision about the company and its values. They are aware of a company’s values, share the company’s values and actively work towards upholding those values!

Remember, a high-performance team will not just possess one of these characteristics. Rather, they possess of these characteristics and maybe even more, though those may be specific to the field they are working in!

High Performance Culture

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