7 Secret Signs That You May Be Fired Soon!

by Srikant Chellappa Aug 28,2017

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

It’s just another day at work and you have planned something for yourself after work. For you, nothing can possibly go wrong today. But what’s worse than getting fired unexpectedly?

Finding out that you are terminated can be shocking, but there are few signs through which you can predict your termination and be prepared, at least with an updated resume.

Your Company Isn’t Doing Well / There was a merger

If your company isn’t doing well, there’s a possibility that some of its employees will be terminated owing to its financial situations. If your company is acquired by some other company, there is a chance that the company already has someone who does your job and might choose to let you go.


You Are Left Out

In an office, there is a lot of other stuff that co-workers do together than just work. You might regularly be hanging out with your colleagues in the break-out area of your office, but if your co-workers do not invite you anymore and carry on with their break-out sessions, it is a sign for you.


Less/ No Significant Work

If your work load has reduced significantly or you are not being given many responsibilities, do not ignore this sign. Your team is probably learning to work without your contribution; making you a less essential part of their team.

No Work

You Are Ignored

You are being micromanaged and your good work is being ignored. If you are frequently being left out from meetings and missing out on e-mails that you would usually be a part of, then you are slowly being phased out and your job is at risk.

talk to the hand1

Your Opinion Isn’t Important Anymore

If your company has always valued your suggestions for their future plans and projects, but is suddenly excluding you from these decisions and your opinion is not given importance anymore, it’s a sign that you will be fired soon.

Your Access To Data Is Limited

If the access to the data that you’ve had always becomes suddenly limited, something’s not right. If the data allows you to perform better and you are not able to access it suddenly, then it is a sign that your boss is planning on sending you on a long ‘Vacation’.

Deny Access

You Get Repeated Negative Feedback

Negative feedback can help you improve yourself. If it happens more frequently, even if you are putting maximum efforts to improve your performance then consider this as a sign. This negative focus from your boss is a sign that you might be fired soon!

Negative feedback

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Srikant Chellappa
CEO & Co-Founder of Engagedly

Srikant Chellappa is the Co-Founder and CEO at Engagedly and is a passionate entrepreneur and people leader. He is an author, producer/director of 6 feature films, a music album with his band Manchester Underground, and is the host of The People Strategy Leaders Podcast. He is currently working on his next book, Ikigai at the Workplace, which is slated for release in the fall of 2024.

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