Boost Employee Engagement by Boosting Productivity

by Kylee Stone Nov 20,2019

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

It’s not just important to work hard. Working smart is also crucial.

When projects are held up not because of a lack of talent, but because of lack of resources, such as time, tools, etc, it affects everyone who is part of the project. Especially since these are issues that can be resolved if only processes were streamlined a little. And in turn, all these hold-ups affect employee engagement, especially if they are sustained over a period of time. Rather than risk diminishing the employee engagement experience, here is how you can plug this gap and help employees and teams improve.

Be clear on expectations

This tip is more than obvious to everyone and yet, we always cannot set expectations because it becomes easier to assume the person on the other end knows exactly what you want from the project and by when you want it. When it comes to setting project goals, be clear about what you would like the end outcome to be. This way, employees know what to work towards and how they should approach tasks.

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Set deadlines

Deadlines are not to harry people about finishing a task. Rather, by setting a project timeline, deadlines help employees finish a project in chunks rather than trying to do it all in one go. By setting deadlines, you help employees pace themselves. And remember to set deadlines not close to the actual deadline, but to even account for delays and test runs.

Provide necessary tools

It’s really hard to expect employees to go full steam ahead when they do not have the necessary tools to power through. Be it the correct hardware, the necessary tools or even resources, it is your duty to provide them to employees so that they can work as productively as possible. Enhance productivity, don’t stifle it by hamstringing your employees and not giving them adequate resources to perform their duties to the best of their abilities. Also, in any case, making do with what you have a bad business move in the long run anyway.


In order for work to happen effectively and productively, communication is important. When team members refuse to communicate with each other or even when project managers do not communicate with their team members, work suffers and you can kiss productivity goodbye. Make good communication one of the pillars of your organization. This way even when work is bogged down by problems, good communication between everyone ensures that obstacles can be overcome and mistakes can be fixed.

Track real-time

Tracking performance and project work in real-time is not so that you can be obsessive about how work is progressing. Rather, it helps you see the big picture and how the current outcome is matching up. Tracking real-time also allows you to set short-term goals instead of aiming for gigantic long-term goals. And then, there is the added benefit of catching mistakes as they happen, instead of waiting till the end to fix something.

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