Why Employee Recognition Programs Fail At Employee Engagement?

by Chandler Barr Nov 1,2019

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Employee retention is very important for every organization and recognition is the key tool to retain employees.

But most employers, even if they know the importance of employee recognition programs at workplace, cannot get employee recognition get done right.

Human beings are social animals. We thrive on interacting with others, being with others, being recognized by others etc.

In the ideal workplace, all employees are recognized and then rewarded. In the modern workplace however, we seemed to have turned this concept on its head. It’s all about rewards nowadays. And while rewards are good, without recognition to go along with them, they’re pretty much useless. It’s recognition for employees that is important.

Let me put it this way. Rewards may satiate your hunger, but it is recognition which makes you feel content.

Having a rewards program is a good idea to motivate your employees, but to engage them we need something more precise.

Here’s a list of a few possibilities why your employee recognition program fails to engage your workforce.

Short-term Recognition Programs

Reward programs often last only for a short period of time. These programs motivate employees only for a course of time but fail to engage them for a longer period. Employees might actually start working enthusiastically in the beginning, but their commitment level to their work doesn’t get altered. So having a platform for employees and managers where rewards and recognition are a regular practice and are long term as well as engaging could be a solution.

Engagedly’s ‘Rewards’ and ‘Badges’ encourage all employees to continuously engage themselves at workplace. This feature recognizes employee achievements from time to time and keeps them motivated.

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They Don’t Foster Creativity/ Risk-taking

Reward programs are usually organized to lure employees and to get most out of them. However, the result seems to be different. No employee would even try using a new approach because they don’t want to risk losing. This is again a case of employee disengagement.

No matter how hard employees work, rewards are given only to the ones who make it to the end results. These kinds of programs do not foster commitment in employees, they might also foster cheating sometimes. A platform where supervisor can check on employee performance regularly and recognize & reward any creative approach by his employee is recommended.

Engagedly’s OKRs help you to set goals for your employees and keep track of their progress based on the ‘key results’ regularly. Engagedly’s ‘Feedback’ feature also helps you to give feedback and suggestions to your employees.

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They Affect Team-work

Reward programs create a workplace environment where every employee is a competition to the other. An employee might learn how to reach goals individually, but it seriously discourages team-work in the organization. Using a platform which helps employees communicate and collaborate with each other and work together to meet organizational goals can drive engagement.

Engagedly’s ‘Post’ feature allows employees to communicate with each other. They can ‘Share knowledge’, ‘Ask for help’ or update their status. The two-way Feedback also allows employees to give feedback to their supervisors.

They Limit Employee Performance

Reward programs tend to have specific end goals, which tell employees only to extend their expertise to a certain level. They would never go beyond that level to when these specific goals are the ones that control employee performance. Work towards building a work culture that encourages employees to go beyond their abilities and improve themselves time to time.

Engagedly’s ‘Praise’ feature helps you to praise your employees when they go beyond their limits and strive hard to achieve the organizational goals.

Engagedly is a performance management application with elements of employee engagement. To find out how we can help you improve performance management and engagement at your organization, request a demo today!


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