Engagedly’s Recurrence for Survey Assignments

by Chandler Barr Jan 22,2024

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

The process of designing a questionnaire involves multiple stages, demanding simultaneous attention to various details. Among these stages, the development of survey questions stands out as the most crucial step, as it effectively assesses the public’s attitudes, experiences, and actions.

Surveys serve as valuable tools for gathering authentic data in business settings. They offer a strategic approach to understanding people’s preferences, interests, opinions, and beliefs. However, the routine creation and distribution of surveys can be a demanding task. Enter Engagedly’s innovative solution – the recurrence feature for survey assignments, designed to alleviate HR and managers from the burden of this laborious work. Explore the advantages, solutions, and more related to the recurrence feature for survey assignments.

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What is the Recurrence for Survey Assignments?

The recurrence feature streamlines the process of regularly sharing the same survey, enabling consistent data collection over an extended period. Participants engaging in recurring surveys respond to a standardized set of questions repeatedly. Over time, their evolving responses to these questions provide management with valuable insights and patterns. Recurring surveys are versatile and suitable for both internal surveys within a corporation and open-ended surveys seeking descriptive responses.

Setting up a recurrence is a straightforward way to schedule the same survey for a consistent group, whether daily, weekly, quarterly, or on specific days, like the first Monday of each month. By configuring recurrence surveys just once, you ensure automated surveys are dispatched punctually, proving far more efficient than manual distribution and collection each time.

For seamless business operations and insightful data analysis, utilizing recurring surveys with the same questionnaire or template is a strategic and beneficial approach, particularly when comparing participants’ responses to the same question at different points in time.

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Why are Recurrence Surveys Used?

Recurring surveys are frequently used to gather or track employee progress, engagement, and experience, or evaluate the effectiveness of product features. Some benefits of using recurrence surveys are as follows:

Saves Time

Leverage the survey recurrence feature to effortlessly automate the deployment of recurring surveys. This eliminates the manual effort required for deployment each time. Whether it’s weekly progress updates or monthly assessments of engagement levels, setting up recurrences allows automation to seamlessly handle the survey deployment process.

The manual deployment of surveys can be both tedious and time-consuming. By utilizing the survey recurrence feature, organizations can streamline this process, saving valuable time and resources.

Reduces Errors

HR professionals often find themselves loaded with various responsibilities, making it challenging to focus on operational tasks. While these tasks may not be intentionally neglected, the repercussions of not executing them can be significant. For instance, if a weekly survey is not deployed on time, the data for that particular week will be missed, resulting in process inconsistency. 

The recurrence feature for survey assignments allows HR professionals to set up recurring surveys, automating the process and ensuring the seamless deployment of tasks on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the process.

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Recurrence for Survey Assignments – Features

Streamlining your survey process becomes more efficient when you schedule and automate them in advance, especially for regular intervals such as monthly, quarterly, or annually. Recurring surveys offer a seamless way to accumulate data over time, featuring:

  • Automated Deployment: Save time and reduce operational redundancy by automating the deployment of surveys.
  • Employee Empowerment: The recurrence feature empowers employees to effortlessly create and manage survey assignments.
  • Flexible Survey Creation: Tailor surveys to your organization’s needs using two options—start from scratch or choose from a template collection provided by the tool.
  • Digital Records: Survey records are securely stored digitally indefinitely, allowing for analysis whenever needed, without the risk of data loss.
  • Data Security: The platform ensures the security and protection of survey data, fostering an environment where employees can confidently fill out forms without concerns about data theft.
Employee Engagement
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How does Engagedly’s Recurrence for Survey Assignments Work?

  • Set It Up Easily

Setting up and utilizing Engagedly’s recurrence feature for survey assignments is straightforward and user-friendly. Easily implement automated recurring surveys for various purposes, such as weekly team evaluations, monthly activity assessments, or even fun polls to decide on the next team game. Once configured, seamlessly collect data over time. Save time and effort by configuring all your recurring surveys at once with the convenient recurring surveys option!

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  • Create a Custom Schedule

Select the survey you wish to deploy and specify the frequency of its recurrence—whether daily, weekly, monthly, or on a custom date or day. This ensures precise deployment at the optimal times for employees to complete them.

With a custom schedule, you have visibility into the number of times the recurring survey has taken place and the times you want it scheduled. Set the schedule according to your preferences, and Engagedly will seamlessly manage the rest.

  • Embrace the Power of Recurrence

Ease the burden of juggling multiple surveys and meeting deadlines by leveraging the advantages of recurrence. With a user-friendly interface, streamline survey deployment and empower yourself to navigate the entire process effortlessly, making it remarkably smoother.

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Use Engagedly for Deploying Recurring Surveys

Recurrence makes it possible to send surveys regularly. Now, you don’t have to repeat the mundane task of creating surveys manually. Recurrence for Survey Assignments is key to a smooth and stress-free survey deployment! It helps you maintain consistency, monitor real-time updates, and collect insights and data. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a survey recurrence feature useful in an organization?

Utilizing the recurrence feature for surveys empowers managers and leaders to automate survey deployment regularly. The valuable insights gleaned from these surveys provide managers with a deeper understanding of employee engagement levels, performance metrics, or specific activities, enabling them to make well-informed decisions based on real-time data.

Why set up a recurrence for surveys?

Utilizing survey recurrence simplifies the process of identifying patterns and tracking progress over time by consistently administering the same survey. This practice facilitates the monitoring of engagement, productivity, and other data trends, providing enhanced insights. Additionally, recurrence surveys contribute to time savings by eliminating the need for repetitive manual entry of survey questions.

Is it complicated to set up a recurrence survey?

Setting up recurrences for surveys is easy with Engagedly. To set it up, you must:

  • Navigate to the survey module
  • Select the survey assignment you want to set up recurrence for
  • Configure the settings like – frequency, schedule, etc.
  • Finish up and save the configuration. And that’s it; you’re all done. 

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