Empowered Workforce: Exploring the Engagedly Engagement Survey

by Chandler Barr May 3,2024

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Employee expectations have shifted dramatically. Today’s workforce prioritizes purpose, meaning, and a strong sense of connection to their work and colleagues. The pressure to do more with less is also a constant reality, making it crucial for organizations to prioritize employee well-being and create an environment where individuals feel valued and heard.

Engaged employees aren’t simply satisfied; they’re actively invested in their work, motivated to contribute their best, and passionate about the organization’s success. This translates to a thriving workforce that drives innovation, delivers exceptional results, and fosters a positive work environment where everyone feels empowered to reach their full potential.

With employee expectations evolving towards purpose, connection, and well-being, organizations must prioritize tools that foster engagement and empower their workforce. The enhanced Engagedly Engagement Survey is designed to meet this need, providing a comprehensive approach to measuring employee sentiment, driving positive change, and cultivating a culture where every voice is valued.

Empowering Engagement: Key Features and Benefits

The Engagement survey module comes with a range of features that empower your organizations with insightful tools for nurturing employee engagement and fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.

Effortless Administration: Seamlessly create surveys tailored to your organization’s needs with pre-built templates and customizable questions. Effortlessly streamline the survey creation process to gather focused and actionable insights.

Real-Time Insights: Gain immediate access to live survey results, enabling swift decision-making based on up-to-date data. Utilize comprehensive analytics tools to delve deep into the responses and extract valuable insights for strategic planning.

Actionable Intelligence: Drive meaningful change by identifying trends, pinpointing areas for improvement, and tracking progress over time. With powerful analytics tools, measure the impact of implemented changes and optimize strategies for enhanced employee engagement. Benefit from cross-module integrations with features like Goals and Notes, facilitating targeted interventions, and providing support where needed.

Transparency and Trust: Foster a culture of openness and trust within your organization with anonymous feedback options. By actively listening to employee voices, you can build a positive work environment where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute.

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Key Enhancements Empowering Your Engagement Surveys

The following latest enhancements to the Engagedly Engagement survey help gather better insights and make smart decisions:

Unified Survey Module: Manage all your surveys seamlessly within a single platform, eliminating the hassle of navigating between multiple systems. Streamline your survey administration process and maintain organizational efficiency.

Customizable Question Types: Tailor your surveys to extract specific insights with a variety of question types, including Agreement, eNPS, and Text-based questions. Gain nuanced understanding by asking the right questions that align closely with your objectives.

Driver Questions: Streamline your reporting process by designating certain questions as driver questions for specific analysis. This allows you to focus on key areas of interest and derive actionable insights more efficiently.

Question Import: Expedite your survey creation process by leveraging the pre-populated question library. Access a wealth of pre-existing questions to build surveys that elicit the most meaningful responses from your employees.

Multiple Assignments: Share surveys with targeted audiences to gather focused feedback on various aspects of your organization. Tailor your surveys to different groups within your workforce to ensure that each receives relevant and valuable insights.

Recurring Schedules: Automate your engagement surveys to run at predefined intervals, ensuring that you consistently monitor employee sentiment over time. By continuously gathering feedback, you can identify trends, track progress, and drive ongoing improvement initiatives.

Enhanced Reporting: Gain deeper insights into your organization’s engagement levels with comprehensive reports across individual and multiple assignments. Analyze data from various angles to understand overall engagement levels, employee satisfaction, communication effectiveness, leadership perception, and the work enReveal invaluable insights into your workforce’s dynamics with Engagedly Engagement Surveys, enabling your organization to drive impactful changes.

Overall Engagement Levels: Identify strengths and areas needing improvement across your organization to drive holistic engagement strategies.

Employee Satisfaction: Understand the sentiments of your employees towards their work, colleagues, and the organization as a whole, enabling you to address concerns and enhance satisfaction levels.

Communication Effectiveness: Evaluate the efficiency of communication channels within your organization and assess employee involvement in decision-making processes.

Leadership Perception: Gain insights into how employees perceive their managers in terms of trust, direction, and support, allowing you to strengthen leadership practices and foster greater employee confidence.

Work Environment: Gauge factors such as workload, work-life balance, and physical workspace satisfaction to create a conducive environment that promotes well-being and productivity.

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Investing in employee engagement is not just about short-term benefits; it’s about building a sustainable foundation for long-term organizational success. The Engagedly Engagement Survey is a powerful tool designed to empower you on this journey. By actively listening to your employees through comprehensive surveys, understanding their needs with actionable insights, and fostering a culture of engagement, you can create a thriving workforce that drives innovation, delivers exceptional results, and propels your organization to new heights.

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Chandler Barr
VP of Sales

Chandler Barr is the VP of Sales at Engagedly and is focused on driving a culture of progress over perfection in a no-fault environment where employees are secure and encouraged to think creatively to solve problems. Chandler is a seasoned leader that has scaled sales teams for SaaS startups and multibillion-dollar publicly traded tech companies, as well as, led Marines to accomplish the mission during hardships overseas.

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