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by Chandler Barr Feb 8,2024

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Fostering a thriving organizational culture and retaining top talent hinges on deep employee engagement. An engaged and content workforce consistently yields positive outcomes. Therefore, regular assessments of employee satisfaction are crucial. Mere observation of employees’ work is often insufficient; hence, it becomes imperative for managers to establish enduring connections by actively engaging with their teams. Tools like Team Pulse, designed for effective listening, prove invaluable in such scenarios.

Team Pulse enables strategic planning for team growth by delving into the sentiments of the workforce regarding various organizational facets. It facilitates tracking their perceptions of duties, work schedules, flexibility, management, and career progression. Utilizing Team Pulse empowers managers to identify potential productivity obstacles and issues promptly, allowing for swift corrective actions.

What is Team Pulse?

Team Pulse stands as a vital listening tool for managers, offering real-time responses from teams to swiftly identify and address any obstacles hindering progress. This unique tool combines regular employee check-ins with a real-time employee engagement pulse.

Utilizing a set of thought-provoking questions, Team Pulse empowers managers and leaders to delve into their employees’ engagement levels effectively. Through a recurring set of questions at predefined intervals, valuable insights are gathered, enabling the identification and resolution of issues promptly.

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Benefits of Using Team Pulse

Team Pulse updates provide vital employee insights, enabling firms to act swiftly and make informed decisions. This fosters an enhancement in the employer-employee relationship, cultivating a culture of trust and honesty. The responses gathered through pulse surveys identify employees’ sentiments and pulse, empowering management and leadership to make more informed and effective decisions. The key features of Team Pulse include:

  • Detailed Real-Time Insights 

Team Pulse on the Engagedly mobile app can help you deploy weekly pulse surveys that will help you understand your employees’ thoughts and feelings. The Team Pulse survey is deployed on a regular frequency and enables employees to voice their views, opinions, and thoughts. The questions can be anything regarding their roles, communication, relationships, or work environment. As a result, you, as a manager, can learn how your coworkers feel about their work, enabling you to improve gray areas and faulty initiatives. By doing so, you can gain detailed and precise insights. 

Also, you can effectively target your responses by determining the degree to which issues are “organization-specific” or “team-specific.” This real-time perception results in higher organizational performance and increased ROI.

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  • Helps Identify Problems

Team Pulse provides real-time engagement data, usable insights, and early warning signs of disengagement. Team Pulse assists managers in making informed decisions by proactively identifying issues, encouraging regular conversations, and offering insights into team sentiments.

Team Pulse also empowers employees by giving them a forum to express their issues, communicate with supervisors, and feel appreciated and heard. It encourages participation, fulfillment, and positive transformation.

  • Provides Honest Feedback

With Team Pulse, employees can give open or anonymous feedback and express their feelings without fear of repercussions. The system establishes a culture of positive organizational feedback by ensuring managers listen to and act on feedback accordingly. Therefore, Team Pulse is the ideal place to offer secure, honest, and confidential feedback, whether you’re an employee or a supervisor.

  • Lowers Employee Burnout

In contemporary work environments, burnout is a prevalent issue impacting both employees and employers alike. Team Pulse serves as a valuable tool in gauging employees’ sentiments and emotions through thought-provoking, nudge-based questions. This approach enables you to identify when someone is facing challenges, offering the opportunity to provide the necessary support for them to regain their footing. By fostering an environment where employees can freely express themselves without fear of consequences or criticism, Team Pulse plays a pivotal role in mitigating employee burnout.

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Team Pulse is Now Accessible in the Mobile App!

Team Pulse, available on the mobile app, facilitates seamless interaction, sharing, and evaluation of sentiments, providing a comprehensive overview of the organizational pulse for managers, admins, and employees. All the essential tools you need are conveniently at your fingertips, eliminating the restriction of updates to laptops or PCs.

  • Take Control, Anywhere, Anytime

Team Pulse empowers your employees to effortlessly share work updates directly from their smartphones. Managers and administrators can seamlessly read comments and review Team Pulse responses directly through the app. Harness the convenience of your smartphone to stay connected and engaged in the moment effortlessly. With Team Pulse on the mobile app, access real-time reports through dashboards with just a simple click. 

  • Drive Success Effortlessly

In the modern workplace, organizations and managers rely on listening tools to capture valuable perspectives and feedback from employees. These tools help identify crucial concerns, support relevant projects, and facilitate informed decision-making. With a simple tap on your mobile app, you can offer timely feedback, lead your team towards success, and stay connected in real-time. Recognize and address issues as they arise, fostering a proactive approach. Encourage employees to contribute with enthusiasm by sharing honest comments, collaborating with peers and management, and actively engaging in the collective success of the organization.

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  • Your Voice, Your Impact

Team Pulse improves the likelihood of obtaining trustworthy and valuable insights. Team Pulse surveys are easily accessible to employees via the mobile app, allowing them to respond and express their ideas conveniently with just one click, anytime and anywhere.

  • Boost Engagement to Activate Success

As a team leader, a deeper understanding of the dynamics and perceptions shaping your team’s success can expedite your effectiveness. Evaluate key performance variables that influence your team’s achievements. Utilize Team Pulse on the Engagedly mobile app to enhance engagement and facilitate your team in achieving greater success.

Managers can develop initiatives to address common concerns and problems by comprehending employees’ sentiments on various aspects. This practice contributes to a positive work environment, as employees appreciate an organization that values their feedback and takes constructive actions to address their concerns.

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Engagedly Team Pulse Features

Engagedly’s Team Pulse stands out for its adaptability and agility across various dimensions. This dynamic tool facilitates continuous real-time employee engagement, fostering regular and seamless interactions among team members and enabling early detection of problems, issues, and challenges. Team Pulse goes beyond that by offering the capability to measure the impact of your engagement initiatives in real-time, incorporating survey questions such as eNPS for a comprehensive assessment of engagement levels. The question behavior effect feature further unlocks actionable insights to enhance and sustain engagement levels.

Key features of Team Pulse on the Engagedly mobile app include:

  • Admin Capabilities: Admins can create questions, add them to the organization’s question bank, and pin inquiries.
  • Anonymous Feedback: Managers can effortlessly gather anonymous feedback using Team Pulse, ensuring a quick and easy process.
  • Inquiry Management: The tool efficiently manages inquiries from employees directed to Team Pulse.
  • Response History Access: Users can easily pull up the response history for a comprehensive view.
  • Detailed Dashboard: The platform provides a detailed dashboard with insights, offering a centralized view of engagement metrics.
  • Extensive Reports: Engagedly’s Team Pulse offers extensive reports that delve into sentiments and engagement levels, providing a thorough understanding of actionable improvements.
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Engagedly Team Pulse Tool for All

Team Pulse wields a potent, transformative influence on businesses. Leveraging proven frameworks, it systematically identifies and encourages behavioral changes across all facets of an organization. With Engagedly’s Team Pulse, your company gains the ability to capture feedback from employees at every career stage, spanning from onboarding to offboarding. This tool offers direct insights from your workforce, enabling prompt action and informed decision-making to propel the expansion of your business.

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