Ask. Listen. Guide.

Team Pulse utilizes a series of thought-provoking questions to help
managers, and leaders gain a better understanding of their employees. A
recurring set of questions is sent out to employees on a set frequency to
uncover insights, and the root causes of issues, allowing them to guide better,
and make informed decisions.

Continuous real-time employee engagement

Measure real-time impact and share learnings with your team using Engagedly’s E10 and Team Pulse. E10 measures overall employee engagement, while Team Pulse helps measure the impact of engagement initiatives in real-time, including survey questions like eNPS for a comprehensive assessment.

The Question-Behavior Effect

Asking the right question can have a powerful, and transformative effect.
That’s why Team Pulse uses tried, and trusted frameworks to tap into, and
drive behavior change.

Team Pulse’s nudge-type questions can inspire employee transformation and motivate them to take desired actions.

How Team Pulse works?

Here’s how admins, managers, and employees canbenefit from Team Pulse


  • Get continuous and real-time engagement data
  • Unlock actionable insights
  • Opportunity to run other survey questions like eNPS
  • Early warning indicators of disengaged employees
  • Helps prevent attrition
  • Drive a culture of continuous conversations and feedback
  • Drive employee engagement


  • Proactive and early discovery of problems, issues, and challenges
  • Promotes regular and continuous interactions with team members
  • Understand and know your team's pulse, and sentiments


  • A platform to voice out problems, issues, and challenges
  • Facilitates regular interactions with managers
  • Makes sure you’re heard, and valued

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