Engagedly’s Latest Global Expansion: Launch Of New Office in London, UK

by Jacqueline Martinez May 16,2020

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

St. Louis, MO., Sept 17, 2018.

Engagedly is pleased to announce their latest international expansion in the UK and Europe.

The strategic move comes in line with its next phase of Global expansion, catering to its existing and ever-growing new client portfolios in Europe and UK.

Last month Engagedly opened its first office in Sydney, Australia to be closer to the Oceanic regional clients including Singapore and Hong Kong. With this new presence in UK, Engagedly now has offices all across the globe!

To lead the European Operations, Engagedly has appointed Rima Prinja as Director of Partnerships and Business Development, in our new offices in London. Rima brings over 10 years of technology partnership and development experience in the EU/UK region. Rima will work on growth strategies and building strong relationships to support our European Clients.

“Our client partners and employees are excited about our new European operations,” said Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly. “We already serve global clients with presence in over 30 countries. Engagement and performance enablement is not just an US issue, so it just makes sense that we continue our mission to create environments where employees can succeed globally. We look forward to serving the UK, European and international community.”

With this expansion, Engagedly will continue to drive its mission to improve employee engagement and build better workplaces by making the workplace fun and motivating. Engagedly also looks forward to increasing momentum by giving more companies access to new people management tools that contribute to growth and success.

About Engagedly

Engagedly is a progressive performance management and employee engagement software company based in St. Louis, MO with offices in India, Australia and the UK. Engagedly’s platform contains many features, such as 360 Multirater review, continuous feedback, goal setting, and more. The extremely customizable and user-friendly interface is perfect for any company looking to better engage employees and increase performance.

Jacqueline Martinez
Director of Marketing

Jacqueline Martinez is the Director of Marketing at Engagedly, where she leads initiatives to fuel the marketing-to-sales pipeline through strategic content management, revenue operations, and thoughtful mentoring. She is a growth-focused marketing executive with extensive experience driving multi-million-dollar revenues across SaaS, technology, real estate, oil & gas, and financial services industries.

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