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by Chandler Barr Jan 19,2024

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

Goal setting is crucial for clarifying direction and assessing organizational progress. Organizations that set clear and realistic goals can more effectively guide their performance and evaluate their outcomes. Goal management is important for organizational growth. However, it is equally vital to establish these goals and actively strive to achieve them.

Research supports that when specific, attainable, measurable, and time-sensitive goals (SMART goals) are set with clearly defined expected outcomes, the overall performance of an organization goes up several notches. Additionally, setting clear goals helps employees work toward fulfilling management expectations and reaping the results, leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention.

Goal Management in the Flow of Work

Navigating the process of setting and pursuing goals can prove to be exceptionally challenging, especially in the face of evolving circumstances. Market conditions may undergo fluctuations, customer expectations might shift, and unforeseen opportunities may emerge, rendering initially established goals obsolete. However, falling short of a goal doesn’t equate to failure in your overall work.

In such instances, it becomes crucial to reassess the feasibility of your goals and make necessary adjustments, realigning your plans and processes with a more relevant direction. According to research by Gartner, aligning employee goals with organizational objectives can elevate performance by nearly 22%.

Regardless of the size or structure of an enterprise, goal setting demands dedicated time and meticulous planning. Moreover, even with well-defined goals, a lack of effective communication and an inability to adapt to changing circumstances often derail the entire process. Hence, leveraging robust goal management software that facilitates efficient goal management within the workflow becomes imperative, aiding businesses and individuals in maintaining direction and avoiding goal misalignments.

Research from May 2021 underscores that employees with clearly defined goals are 14.2 times more likely to be engaged at work. Establishing clear, measurable, and quantifiable goals and consistently monitoring their progress empowers organizations to motivate and inspire their workforce. This, in turn, propels personal development within the team and contributes significantly to the overall growth of the firm.

Engagedly’s Goals 2.0: Supercharge Employee Performance

Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 is an effective solution to manage employees’ goals and track performance. The software assists you in identifying your long-term goals and breaking them down into milestones, or KPIs. It also enables organizations to have a smooth flow of work. The powerful goal-setting software offers an organized method for establishing and monitoring goals.

Goals 2.0: Key Features and Benefits

Effective Goal Alignment

To ensure effective goal alignment across the organization, all teams must be synchronized and collaboratively working towards overarching objectives. Constant communication between managers and their teams is key. Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 is designed to facilitate seamless coordination and alignment of goals across teams, ensuring everyone is directed towards the same strategic objectives.

With Goals 2.0, managers can refine goals through multiple drafts, sharing them with stakeholders for proper alignment before publication. The platform guides managers through the alignment process with these key steps:

  • Define and Draft Overarching Goals: Clearly articulate and draft high-level organizational goals.
  • Precise KPIs or Milestones with Marissa AI: Leverage Marissa AI to create specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or milestones for a more detailed and measurable approach.
  • Review and Track Progress: Monitor progress systematically, allowing for ongoing assessment and adjustments.
  • Collaborate and Provide Real-time Feedback: Foster collaboration and immediate feedback loops to enhance goal execution and adaptability.

Transparent communication is pivotal for building trust among teams and employees. Goals 2.0 ensures transparency in goals and their progress. The platform provides a space for employees to comment and pose questions within the goals module, promoting a collaborative environment and enhancing overall clarity.

Easy to Integrate

Goals 2.0 offers best-in-segment integrations to optimize efficiency. Goals 2.0 effortlessly integrates with platforms like Salesforce, JIRA, and Google Sheets. This helps manage and track progress while reducing errors and data redundancy. This enables employees to work without wasting time chasing down reports, and managers or decision-makers get instant insights at any time! 

Goal Setting Module
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Intuitive Interface for a Seamless User Experience

Goals 2.0 presents a highly interactive and user-friendly interface, featuring detailed graphics and visuals that efficiently convey information and insights. This design facilitates easy data analysis and understanding. The platform offers a straightforward user experience, allowing users to navigate core information and functions seamlessly across various devices, including laptops and mobile phones.

Easy Milestone Tracking

Setting and tracking milestones is pivotal to propelling an organization’s performance. A survey found that 98% of employees feel performance evaluation and milestone tracking are crucial for driving motivation. With Engagedly’s Goals 2.0, you can set and define milestones to help measure progress, align your team, and communicate the value of efforts to stakeholders.

Aligned and Contributing Goals 

Aligned goals are those directly tied to organizational objectives while contributing goals play a supportive role to another goal or a set of goals. Both aligned and contributing goals play integral roles in driving organizational success. Through Goals 2.0, these goals can be interconnected, allowing employees to collaborate on them seamlessly. This integration not only promotes synergy but also mitigates the risk of goal overlapping and duplication of work.

Enhanced Collaboration

With Goals 2.0, employees can collaborate effortlessly. They can connect with colleagues or managers anytime within the goals module and request assistance. The simple tagging feature in the goal-setting software allows employees to tag the person they need help from, facilitating direct communication and providing access to necessary guidance and resources.

Overview of Organizational Goal

In a diverse workplace with numerous employees and teams involved in various projects, monitoring each project and individual performance can be a complex task. Inefficient progress tracking may result in the misalignment of team goals and potential conflicts if not effectively managed.

The Goals 2.0 milestone propagation feature provides organizations with the capability to easily observe the goals of every business unit, department, team member, and individual in one consolidated view. This holistic perspective adds clarity and purpose to the overall efforts of the organization.

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Handling Recurring Goals

Repeating short-term goals, whether on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, can be essential milestones that remain unchanged across goal cycles. However, manually entering these repetitive goals at the outset of each cycle can be time-consuming. Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 streamlines this process by facilitating the import and replication of goals, effectively saving time and effort.

With Goals 2.0, managers have the convenience of seamlessly transferring recurring goals stored in Excel sheets into the system, eliminating the need to start from scratch. After importing, they can make necessary modifications and publish the goals as required, allowing Goals 2.0 to manage the subsequent steps.

Unified Dashboard Experience

Goals 2.0 provides a comprehensive dashboard that consolidates insights and metrics in a single location. Gain swift access to all project data, enabling efficient management and organization of project objectives and activities. The Goals 2.0 dashboard offers a complete timeline and calendar display, providing real-time insights into project status and essential information. This tool empowers CXOs and managers to stay informed about progress and comprehend the overall organizational efforts.

Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 for All

Goals play a pivotal role in shaping the organizational workflow. By establishing employee goals, businesses can articulate expectations and enable teams to comprehend the broader impact of these objectives. Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 stands out as an all-encompassing platform service accessible to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. With its user-friendly interface, it facilitates seamless management of goal-setting, progress monitoring, and the cultivation of collaborative teamwork.

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