Why Nap Pods At The Workplace?

by Jacqueline Martinez Feb 16,2016
with Jacqueline Martinez, CEO

There are many people who think that sleeping at job is a sign of laziness. Well, it is time to accept a new notion. Many leading organizations encourage mid-day naps for their employees.

A number of working Americans say that their daily activities are affected by insufficient sleep. The reasons for insufficient sleep are wide and varied. But the end result is that they impact the work that we do. And it is no secret that in order to do your best, you need a good night’s rest.

Understanding the importance of this, many leading companies have invested in Nap Pods. A nap pod is basically a chair-helmet combination that allows you to take a quick snooze during your work.

Here is why Engagedly thinks nap pods at the workplace are a good idea.

An Easy Way to De-stress

Nap pods lull you to sleep by creating soothing sounds and put you in a perfect position for a nap. This is a very easy way for stress relief at the workplaces. It doesn’t let you sleep for hours, instead, it is a quick and easy way to relax completely.

Improved Performance

When you are stress free, you can focus more on what you are doing. A fresh and stress-free mind tends to come up with better and creative solutions. This results in increased productivity in the organization.

Employees Work For Longer Hours

When employees are given perks at workplace, they usually tend to stay back and work for longer hours happily. Employees tend to work effectively and happily for longer hours in an organization which allows its them to take a power nap in the very soothing and relaxing nap pod.

Sleep Makes Everyone Happy 🙂

Studies show that the people who get right amounts of sleep are happier than those who don’t. So, sleep indeed makes everyone happy, doesn’t it?

Here are few places where you can buy a nap pod:



Director of Marketing
Jacqueline Martinez

Jacqueline Martinez is the Director of Marketing at Engagedly, where she leads initiatives to fuel the marketing-to-sales pipeline through strategic content management, revenue operations, and thoughtful mentoring. She is a growth-focused marketing executive with extensive experience driving multi-million-dollar revenues across SaaS, technology, real estate, oil & gas, and financial services industries.

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