Engagedly + Meta Workplace

Engagedly + Meta Workplace Brings Rewards and Recognition Up a Level

A Rewards and Recognition program that breeds a culture of appreciation and motivates your workforce.
Recognizing and rewarding employees works wonders in boosting their morale and motivating your people. Employees will feel valued, proud, and motivated. Their respect and adulation for the organization would grow multifold. Above all, their engagement level bumps up, and so will their performance. At a time when retaining quality employees is a king-size challenge, this matters quite a lot.
Engagedly and Meta Workplace are two powerful platforms that can revolutionize your organization's Rewards and Recognition program. By combining the two, you can create a culture of appreciation, motivation, and collaboration that will boost employee morale and engagement, increase retention rates, and drive better results for your organization.

Streamline your rewards and recognition program

The integration of Engagedly with Meta Workplace allows organizations to streamline their Rewards and Recognition program by automating the process of calculating, and assigning points for hashtags used to praise or appreciate team members. With Engagedly simply calculating the points used for hashtags to recognize, and applaud hard work, the tedious and error-prone task of tallying up rewards points is now fully automated. HR professionals and team leaders can now sit back and relax while their employees receive the appreciation they deserve.

Saves time and effort

To get started, HR admins and leaders have to set up a simple point value mapping system for praising your team members with specific hashtags. With this now you can easily and automatically allocate points to them in Engagedly. This means less confusion and more time saved when it comes to calculating and populating your leaderboard.

Instant reflection of points to boost morale

With the instant reflection of points on Engagedly, employees can check the dynamic leaderboard, and feel motivated to improve their standing or stay at the top. This also helps them to unleash their potential, and tap into their full capacity. HR admins and leaders can focus on creating a supportive culture by allowing everyone to have a clear understanding of how their contributions impact the company's progress which will boost morale.

Experience the power of customization

This integration allows for the customization of point values for each hashtag used to praise and appreciate employees. By customizing values for hashtags, you can align your program with company values, and promote them by assigning higher point values. Imagine the impact this could have on employee motivation, and retention rates! HR admins and leaders will have more control over the direction of their organization’s Rewards and Recognition program.

Create a culture of continuous appreciation and cheer

Transform your workplace into a powerhouse of positivity and success with Engagedly + Meta Workplace. Cultivate a culture of constant appreciation, where recognition and motivation are the norm. Your team will thrive, and flourish under the collective esteem, and pride that comes with being valued and appreciated. Plus, with streamlined recognition processes, your team can be rest assured that their every achievement will be rightfully rewarded. Empower your team to achieve greatness with a culture of continuous cheer and appreciation!

With this dynamic integration, your organization can supercharge employee motivation, build a culture of appreciation, and elevate performance to new heights. Imagine having a Rewards and Recognition program that runs like a well-oiled machine, with all the power and precision you need to retain top talent, and stay ahead of the competition.

Say goodbye to ho-hum recognition programs and hello to a streamlined, efficient, and effective approach that will keep your top performers coming back for more.