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Integrating Google SSO with Engagedly

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Google SSO Integration

Follow the steps below to integrate with Google SSO

EngagedlyStep 1

Log in to Engagedly as a Site Administrator. Go to Settings and click on SAML SSO.

EngagedlyStep 2

Now click on ‘+Add’ and fill in your organization name. Once you’re done filling in, click ‘Save’.

EngagedlyStep 3

Now select the edit icon on the page that appears next.

EngagedlyStep 4

This page is divided into two sections:

  1. Information that you need to enter copy from here and input IN the Identity Provider
  2. Information that you need to copy from the Identity Provider and input into Engagedly
EngagedlyStep 5

Log in into Google as an admin (admin.google.com) > Click on App. You will find it either on Admin Console or under More Controls.

EngagedlyStep 6

Click on SAML apps.

EngagedlyStep 7

Enable SSO for a SAML Application. You can either click on the link or the “+” button provided at the bottom right corner.

EngagedlyStep 8

Honoring the above step a pop-up will appear, click on ‘SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP’.

EngagedlyStep 9

The current pop-up provides two options to setup SSO.

EngagedlyStep 10

From Option 1 please copy and paste the link as mentioned

  • Copy the link called ‘SSO URL’, Go to Engagedly > SAML SSO page and paste this link beside the label ‘Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL’
  • Copy the link called ‘Entity ID’, go to Engagedly > SAML SSO page and paste this link beside the label ‘Identity Provider Issuer’
  • Download the certificate, open the certificate in any text editor copy the content, go to Engagedly > SAML SSO page and paste the content beside the label ‘Identity Provider X.509 Certificate’
  • ‘Enable SAML’ on the SAML SSO page in Engagedly by clicking on the check-box> Click on Save button.
EngagedlyStep 11

Go back to the Google page that has the pop-up for SAML settings and click on Next.

EngagedlyStep 12

Input the “Application Name” as Engagedly and description (optional) and logo (optional) If you choose to add the Engagedly logo please use the Engagedly logo from here. Click on Next

EngagedlyStep 13

In the next pop-up you are required to provide 2 mandatory details: ACS URL and Entity ID. You will find these values in the SAML SSO page in Engagedly.

EngagedlyStep 14

Copy and paste the link as mentioned below:

  • Copy the link “ACS URL” from Engagedly > SAML SSO and paste it on ACS URL field.
  • Copy the link Entity ID from Engagedly > SAML SSO and paste it on Entity ID field.

Keep the Start URL empty and check the signed response and click on Next.

EngagedlyStep 15

You don’t have to do anything in the next pop-up, but just click Next and complete the process.

EngagedlyStep 16

Now you are done with the integration process with Google SSO. Click on OK

EngagedlyStep 17

Finally you need to enable the Engagedly app for all users from your Google Administrator account.

Now when users try to login from your custom Engagedly sub domain ( yourorganization.engagedly.com) they will get redirected to the standard Google Login page.

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Driving innovation & success

Enhance value and streamline talent management processes through Engagedly’s integration partnership. Realize the full potential of collaboration, driving impactful outcomes for organizations globally

ADP Marketplace

ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront that enables you to connect and share data across all your HR solutions. Simplify your HR processes, reduce data errors and drive your business forward.


Serving more than 22,000 customers and 2,000,000 employees, BambooHR is the leading software provider powering the strategic evolution of HR in small and medium businesses.


Engagedly has partnered with BizLibrary to offer industry-leading online training courses to elevate employees’ skills and create better places to work.


Access thousands of learning resources on professional development, wellbeing and compliance from the world’s best providers on the Engagedly platform. Create a learning
ecosystem for your employees and help them thrive in the future of work.


GoodHabitz has been successfully helping global organizations to upskill their employees over the past decade. Courses are accessible through LMS, SSO on any site, or directly through the web in 14 different languages in a Netflix-style learning format.

Google Sheets

For managing and tracking goals, many organizations use Google Sheets since it is convenient for employees. Engagedly now seamlessly integrates with Google Sheets to offer a holistic view of goals and their alignment with the overall objectives of the organization.

Google SSO

Google SSO lets users sign in just one time to get access to all their enterprise cloud applications. When set up, users can sign in to their third-party IdP, then access Google apps directly without a second sign-in.


Gusto is an expansive HR platform and all-in-one solution for payroll, employee benefits, hiring, onboarding, provisioning, accounting, tax filings, and more.


Engagedly and HiBob, a dynamic duo that will revolutionize your organization’s HR processes, are now integrated. Embrace the future of work with two powerful platforms – an HRIS platform that matches business operations needs, and a people strategy platform.

LinkedIn Learning

From Engagedly’s Agile LMS get access to all the licensed courses from LinkedIn Learning. Explore over 20,000 online courses led by industry experts, each offering a direct pathway to acquiring in-demand skills. Empower your workforce to become highly proficient and adaptable.

Mentoring Complete

Mentoring Complete seamlessly integrates with Engagedly, enabling you to unlock the potential of mentoring, and establish transformative mentor-mentee relationships that align your people with business goals, ultimately contributing to overall business success.

Meta Workplace

A Rewards & Recognition program that breeds a culture of appreciation and motivates your workforce. Recognizing and rewarding employees works wonders in boosting their morale and motivating your people.

MS Teams

App overload and app switching are common issues that ruin productivity and make the flow of work harder than necessary. Engagedly’s integration with MS Teams eliminates the need for switching between apps, leaving you free to focus on the things that matter.


Namely is the HR, Payroll, and Benefits platform your employees will love. Manage all of your HR data in one place, with personalized service to help your company get better, faster.


Okta is the leading independent identity provider. The Okta Identity Cloud enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time.


Engagedly and OpenSesame’s integration helps organizations drive growth and success through a high-performance culture. With over 30,000 courses in a variety of languages and formats, learners can choose a course tailored to their particular needs.


For professionals who crave true partnership, Paylocity is the HR & Payroll company that frees you from the tasks of today, so together, we can spend more time focused on the promise of tomorrow.


Personio is the all-in-one HR software for small and medium-sized companies. The Personio solution includes human resources, recruiting, and payroll, supporting the core HR processes every business needs to do.

Purdue Global

Purdue University Global, part of the Purdue University system, offers access to 175+ in-demand degrees, certificates, and micro- credentials to enhance workforce skills, knowledge, and competencies. Employees can gain a world-class education online for less with exclusive Engagedly tuition reductions.


Using Engagedly’s integration for Slack, your teams can streamline their work processes and remain connected, resulting in better collaboration, enhanced productivity, and ultimately, greater success.


Traliant’s modern approach to eLearning helps organizations successfully navigate important workplace topics such as preventing discrimination and harassment, and creating diversity, equity and inclusion.


Now get access to more than 204,000+ online training courses by Udemy through Engagedly’s LMS. Build a future-ready and agile workforce with courses from programming, marketing,
data science and more.


Salesforce integrates with Engagedly to help you add, track, and manage your Salesforce reports in Goals 2.0.


JIRA integrates with Engagedly to transform goal management and boost productivity


PrimePay is HR and payroll on your terms – a plug-and-play solution that gives you options, so you can quickly start with payroll or HR and add time tracking or benefits administration when you need them. It’s a versatile HCM platform designed to deliver “I can’t believe how simple that is” experiences for HR and finance pros and every employee.

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