Key TakeawaysFrom The Employee Engagement Guide

  • Learn about the technicalities of employee engagement surveys
  • Understand the purpose of conducting employee engagement surveys in organizations
  • Learn about the benefits of employee engagement surveys to both employees and employers
  • Learn the process of creating employee engagement surveys
  • Understand employee engagement surveys best practices
  • Actions to take with employee engagement survey results
  • Know the questions to ask in employee engagement surveys
  • Get access to E10: Engagedly Employee Engagement Survey Template

More About Employee Engagement Guide

Employee engagement surveys are a strategic technique that helps in measuring the motivation, commitment, and purpose of employees towards their job responsibilities and, thereby, towards the organization. The survey reveals important information regarding employee perceptions towards the organization. Such insights help leaders and managers make a shift in the workplace to enhance the overall employee experience.

Carefully designed surveys can help organizations understand how their employees feel about work, leadership, any barriers to engagement and higher productivity, the causes of low employee morale, and much more. Responsiveness of the organization towards employee feedback can help drive major changes in the organization. It leads to lower absenteeism, higher retention, better customer centricity, customer acquisition, higher revenue generation, and a satisfied workforce

Importance Of Employee Engagement Survey

It has been found in multiple studies that employees that actively respond to employee engagement surveys are enthusiastic about their jobs and want to share the feedback for the betterment of the organization. On the contrary, employees that do not respond to surveys are not engaged in their jobs.

An employee engagement survey serves multiple purposes for the organization in the following ways:

  • Drives behavioral changes in employees
  • A medium for employees to share their views
  • Predictor of employee behavior

Benefits Of Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement is critical to the success of an organization. By undertaking various engagement initiatives, organizations can improve their overall performance and create a dynamic workforce. Much research has shown that engagement is an indicator of progress, and companies with higher engagement indices do well, even in unprecedented situations.

  • Preventing revenue loss and catastrophic mistakes
  • Employee mental health and overall wellbeing
  • Connecting engagement initiatives to key business results