Engagedly’s Social and Org Directory now Accessible in the Mobile App

by Chandler Barr Dec 8,2023

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

In the virtually connected world, organizations constantly seek innovative ways to improve employee engagement and streamline their internal strategies. Engagedly, an AI-powered talent management platform has made innovative enhancements to its mobile application to improve social dialogue and streamline the org directory for a seamless user experience.

One of the latest capabilities of Engagedly’s mobile utility is its improved social module. The module lets employees connect and engage with each other, fostering an experience of networking and collaboration within the organization. It’s the corporate counterpart of social media networking, like Facebook or Instagram.

The mobile app also streamlines the org directory, making it easier for employees to find contact information and connect with colleagues. The directory presents unique profiles, key employee information, business units, designations, and roles. With the mobile application, employees can look for a specific colleague or browse through the directory to discover new connections. In this blog, we will learn about Engagedly mobile app’s contribution to the social and org directory.

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Introducing the Enhanced Social Module

The social module in Engagedly’s mobile application lets employees connect and collaborate, fostering an experience of community and teamwork in the organization. The mobile application lets employees easily access the social module from their smartphones or tablets. They can post updates, give feedback, and participate in discussions on their mobile devices. Here are a few ways Engagedly’s app complements the social module:

  • Real-Time Communication

The mobile app lets employees immediately communicate with their colleagues through the social module. This real-time conversation eliminates the need for prolonged email threads, and ensures brief and precise information exchange. Employees can stay connected from anywhere, whether discussing updates, looking for feedback, or having a casual conversation.

  • Social Recognition

Engagedly’s app makes it easy for employees to understand and acknowledge their peers and co-workers socially. The social module allows users to give shout-outs, share achievements, and acknowledge the efforts of their colleagues. It creates a happy work culture, and boosts employee morale with a feeling of pride and motivation among teams and colleagues.

  • Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

The mobile application enables employees to collaborate on tasks and share knowledge. Employees can create groups, participate in discussions, and share files or resources through Engagedly’s social module. It promotes collaboration, idea sharing, and productivity within the organization.

  • News Feed and Updates

The mobile application presents an updated feed that includes latest conversations, knowledge posts, organizational updates, announcements or news. Employees can stay updated in real-time with all the latest information or keep track of specific topics, obtain relevant facts, and stay informed.

  • Gamification and Engagement

Engagedly’s mobile application hosts gamification features to make the social module more engaging. Employees can earn badges, points, and achievements for participation and contributions. This encourages healthy competition, boosts engagement, and encourages employees to participate and stay engaged with the social module.

  • Mobile Accessibility

Employees can access the social module anytime and anywhere through their smartphones. This flexibility allows remote workers, frontline employees, and those on-the-go to stay connected and engaged with their colleagues and the organization.

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Introducing Streamlined Organization Directory

Engagedly’s mobile application now offers seamless access to the Organization Directory. The app lets employees access up-to-date information about their colleagues, including contact details, departmental systems functions, etc. It eliminates the demand for outdated paper directories or time-consuming processes via other platforms or databases. Here are more benefits and features of the directory:

  • User-Friendly Interface

The org directory is easy to navigate, ensuring employees can quickly locate the information they want. Whether it’s attempting to find a specific colleague or searching via departmental titles, the app provides a seamless experience to save time and effort.

  • Fosters Collaboration and Engagement

The org directory enables employees to access and look up contact information of their colleagues without any hassle. This helps employees to connect and collaborate and promotes a sense of camaraderie. The app includes a social module, allowing employees to collaborate in real time. It eliminates separate messaging systems, and ensures crucial information is easily accessible to all employees.

It allows managers and colleagues to appreciate and recognize every employee’s contributions, fostering high-quality work and improving worker engagement.

  • Eliminates Manual Updates

Historically, HR departments relied on employees to offer updated information and spent valuable time manually updating the organization’s directory. Now, HR professionals can take care of their core tasks by eliminating the tedious process.

Engagedly’s mobile app ensures that sensitive information is protected from unauthorized access. It utilizes encryption technology and follows industry practices to protect information. It gives employees peace of mind knowing their data is safe and secure.

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Importance of Engagedly’s Mobile Application

Explore the advantages of Engagedly’s mobile application for employees and employers!

1. Enhanced Communication

The app allows employees to connect with their colleagues and supervisors, regardless of location. It is especially crucial in the current business environment, where employees and HR professionals are located in different offices and geographical locations. Engagedly allows employees to collaborate effectively, share thoughts, and search for important comments and files, fostering engagement and teamwork.

2.Feedback and Recognition

The app is more than just a recognition tool; it’s a powerful platform designed to foster a culture of continuous feedback and employee growth. By empowering employees to recognize each other’s accomplishments and receive feedback from peers, managers, and clients, the app creates a transparent environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated.

3.Performance Management

The mobile application has features that help companies and HR professionals set goals, track progress, and conduct performance reviews. It streamlines the performance management process, and identifies areas for employee improvement. It helps managers identify employees who need support. It also helps everyone stay aligned with the company’s objectives and achieve its goals.

4. Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

Engagedly provides capabilities to measure employee engagement, overall performance, and productivity. Employers can discover trends, make informed decisions, and implement techniques to improve standard organizational effectiveness by studying those metrics.

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Engagedly’s Social and Org Directory for All

Engagedly’s Social and Org Directory is a revolutionary tool designed to empower organizations with streamlined communication, collaboration, and employee engagement. This comprehensive solution provides a user-friendly interface and a powerful array of features that cater to the needs of modern workforces.

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