Product Update: Engagedly’s Goal and Google Sheets Integration

by Chandler Barr Nov 16,2023

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

According to studies, 90% of strategic goals remain unachieved due to poor execution. Setting goals for your team is essential for the growth of your business. By doing this, managers can support their employees’ success and the company’s growth. This approach prevents the organization from becoming stagnant and helps to keep employees invested in their work.

Efficiently setting and tracking goals is crucial for every organization. The manual process of setting and monitoring progress can be challenging, making it wise to invest in goal-setting software. A goal-setting platform can significantly enhance collaboration efficiency. Eager to discover how?

Introducing Engagedly’s Goals and Google Sheets Integration for Enhanced Goal Tracking and Management 

If you need help creating goals and templates that make sense for your workforce, Engagedly’s Goals + Google Sheets integration can help. With cloud-based software, you can develop and prioritize goals, schedule them on a dynamic calendar, track them, and much more. The platform creates and integrates individual goals with department-wide and organizational objectives. Personal goals, metrics, and teams can also be organized within specific timelines by supervisors.

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Effective Goal-Setting to Fuel Your Business Growth

Engagedly’s seamless integration of Goals and G-Sheets revolutionizes goal-setting and tracking by offering real-time status updates, ensuring everyone stays synchronized. This platform facilitates efficient communication of goals between team members and supervisors while also simplifying the tracking and sharing of progress for swift adjustments when necessary.

Bringing together two powerful time management tools, Engagedly provides a comprehensive overview of goal progress and its alignment with organizational objectives through its integrated features. Key components of the Engagedly Goals and G-Sheets platform include:

  • Stakeholder Feedback 

The goal-setting software allows managers to create multiple drafts regarding the goals and share them with stakeholders. The key stakeholders can then give their feedback and suggest any changes. The feature ensures proper alignment before publishing the goals, ensuring everyone is on board.

  • Seamless Integration 

With Engagedly Goals seamlessly integrated with Google Sheets, there is no risk of duplicate reports or data. The progress is easily updated on the platform dashboard, and all the data gets synced effortlessly. This integration eliminates errors and guarantees that progress information is complete and accurate.

  • Mini Goals  

The goal tracker helps managers break big-picture ideas and goals into multi-level, manageable subgoals. Supervisors can then track progress using various methods and built-in goal templates with detailed action plans. This provides a well-defined and unparalleled clarity to an employee’s journey towards achieving their goals.

With the integrated platform, supervisors also gain the liberty to add new owners or change the existing ones for certain milestones and KRAs (key result areas), cultivating a culture of flexibility and teamwork.

  • Quick View of Goals Insights 

Engagedly’s Goals + G-Sheet module features a comprehensive ‘stat’ section that displays all the information related to organizational goals, business units, departments, team members, and individual goals—all at a glance.

Additionally, the platform provides a holistic picture of goals’ progress, adding more sense and purpose to your efforts. 

  • Visual Elements to View Progress 

Visual graphs offer a quick and easily accessible way for managers to understand employees’ expected progress and current status. With interactive­ visual elements, managers can quickly identify gaps, adjust their approach if nee­ded, and ensure time­ly goal attainment. The user interface is perfect for those looking to represent their goals visually.

With Engagedly, individuals can outline their goals, monitor progress, discuss obstacles, highlight achievements, and color-code different objectives to mention priorities.

  • Time-Saving and Convenience 

The seamlessly integrated goal-setting software assures a significant enhancement in team functionality throughout the organization. Engagedly Goals, when combined with Google Sheets, not only saves valuable time but also effortlessly tracks goal progress, eliminating the need for continuous check-ins or meticulous monitoring of team performance. This streamlined approach promotes efficiency and allows teams to focus on achieving their objectives with greater autonomy.

  • Goal Progress Transparency 

A study by Inc. reveals that 70% of companies considered “communicating business goals” an effective way to foster a high-performance culture. Engagedly’s Goals and G-Sheets integration enables visible goal-setting across all levels of an organization.

Visual graphs offer a convenient way for managers to monitor and track the goals of their teams. They provide insights into key information and allow managers to assess gaps or areas that may need adjustments. The­ interactive nature of the visual elements enables managers to adapt their approach if needed, ensuring timely goal attainment.

Monitoring, tracking, and updating these goals can increase individual commitment. Further, employees can view their goals and understand their contributions and value to the organization’s overall objectives.

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  • Real-Time Progress Updates 

The goal-se­tting platform provides instant updates on individuals’ progress toward their goals. This feature allows the organization to respond quickly to important developments, whether it’s an individual excelling or a team falling behind in achieving their goals.

  • User-Friendly Platform

With an easy-to-navigate interface, the integrated goal-setting software removes the requirement of signing into different applications with multiple login credentials. 

The integration offers features such as compre­hensive ‘stats’ sections and customizable­ dashboards, making it easy for users to share goals and track progress across teams. The platform offers smooth navigation, ensuring uninterrupted ope­rations for users.

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Engagedly’s Goals and Google Sheets: Your Partner in Productivity

Engagedly’s integrated Goals and G-Sheets software is dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality performance in a timely manner. With an efficient goal tracker at your disposal, whether managing one employee or a thousand, organizing, communicating, and realizing your vision becomes simpler. The visual representations not only hold users accountable but also provide in-depth workflow analysis that traditional pen-and-paper goal-management systems cannot offer.

Employees are driven by achievable objectives they can envision accomplishing. This underscores the importance of providing staff with clear and straightforward productivity targets. Goal setting not only encourages focus but also clarifies the steps needed for goal achievement. Research indicates a 22% increase in employee productivity when goals align with both organizational and individual needs. Beyond performance enhancement, employees with clearly defined goals display increased self-confidence, resilience, and job satisfaction. The platform facilitates the assignment and review of goals, streamlining the entire process.

A key feature of the platform is its customizable dashboards, making it an effective goal-management tool. Businesses can tailor their performance review dashboards to specific requirements, incorporating KPIs, charts, and action items for effective progress monitoring. This feature enables organizations to conduct productive weekly and monthly business review meetings, identify potential roadblocks in advance, and help teams prioritize their objectives.

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Embrace the Power of Effective Goal-Setting 

In the workplace, effective goal-setting is a cornerstone of business success. It not only guides employees on the right path but also serves as a powerful motivator, particularly during challenging periods. The establishment of employee goals goes beyond individual accomplishments; it cultivates a culture of continuous feedback, transparency, and open communication. Adding to the intrigue, software tailored to the company’s needs can significantly enhance the goal-setting process.

Engagedly’s integration of Goals and Google Sheets provides a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing goals, ensuring you stay informed with actionable insights. Its user-friendly interface empowers businesses to navigate and optimize their success by facilitating goal-setting and collaboration within the organization. Effortlessly set, monitor, and manage employee goals, enhance employee engagement through progress tracking, encourage continuous feedback and open communication, facilitate regular check-ins, and monitor individual performance along with company goal progress.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are OKRs? 

OKR, or Objectives and Key Results, is a goal-setting framework widely used in organizations to define and track objectives and their outcomes. The framework consists of setting clear, ambitious objectives that articulate the organization’s goals, along with specific key results that measure progress toward achieving those objectives. 

Q2. What is a SMART framework for goal setting? 

The SMART framework is used for fine-tuning an organization’s goal-setting strategy. As per the framework, goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based.

Q3. How do Engagedly’s goal setting and G-sheet integration support effective goal setting?

The integration provides a streamlined platform for tracking, managing, and staying updated on goals with actionable insights. The integration ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing businesses to easily set, monitor, and manage employee goals. It enhances engagement through progress tracking, encourages continuous feedback and open communication, facilitates regular check-ins, and enables the monitoring of individual performance and company goal progress, contributing to a more effective and transparent goal-setting process.

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