6 Employee Motivation Ideas To Get Most Out Of Your Employees

by Kylee Stone Apr 20,2015

The People Strategy Leaders Podcast

with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

In order for employees to be engaged, they need to be motivated first. But motivation is not something that employees alone need to do. Motivation also needs to come from external forces, such as bosses and managers too.

If you managed to motivate your employees and now want to engage them, check this article of ours for employee engagement ideas!

Here are 6 employee motivation ideas that you can use!

1. Concrete Displays Of Appreciation

Boost your employees’ morale by making concrete displays of appreciation like posting a thank you note on an employee’s desk, taking them out for lunch, giving them small tokens of appreciation, etc. Verbal appreciation is good, but tangible displays of appreciation are even better.

2. Public Recognition

Motivate your employees by offering them regular feedback. When they achieve targets, make sure that you recognize their achievements publicly. Publicly recognizing your employees lets them know that you appreciate them so much, that you want all the other people to know how much you appreciate them.

3. Foster A Healthy Work Environment

Unhealthy work environments are terrible places to work in, as anyone who has experienced one can attest too. In a healthy work environment, discussion, debate, and innovation are encouraged. Employees are motivated, celebrated and taught how to fix mistakes. Creating a healthy work environment might take a little work at first, but when you do get to it; your employees will thank you for it!

4. Fear Is Not A Motivator

Your employees will not be motivated if you use fear as a motivator. It might work for a while, but in the long run, all it is going to do is backfire spectacularly. Instead of using fear as a motivator, you need to listen to your employees. This does not just mean listening on a surface level.  You need to look beyond the surface, see what they are good at, see what they are not good at, find a way to work through that and help them become better.

5. Bridge The Distance

You might be the boss but don’t ever forget that you too once began as an employee. There’s nothing more demoralizing than a boss who leaves their employees in the lurch. Share the good times with your employees and share the bad times too. When your employees know that you’ve got their back no matter what happens, they will willingly work for you.

6. Help Them Grow

Employees are not going to stay with the organization forever. And neither should they have too. Help your employees map out beneficial career paths and help them grow as skilled individuals who will be a credit to any organization they join. Employees are more likely to be motivated to work for you when they know that you are going to help them out in ways that do not only benefit you.

How do you motivate your employees? Share your ideas with us!

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Kylee Stone

Kylee Stone supports the professional services team as a CX intern and psychology SME. She leverages her innate creativity with extensive background in psychology to support client experience and organizational functions. Kylee is completing her master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational psychology at the University of Missouri Science and Technology emphasizing in Applied workplace psychology and Statistical Methods.

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