5 Ways To Use Technology To Improve Employee Experience

When it comes to primary goals, companies usually think of improving customer experience, making better products, and achieving revenue goals. But, they forget one of the essential things that fuel the entire program: employees. If your employees are not happy & satisfied, then your company will eventually get ruined.

We have read about the “Great Depression” and now we are experiencing “The Great Resignation” in the corporate world. According to Microsoft’s research report, around 52% of Gen Z and Millennials are likely to consider changing employers this year. And one reason behind that is they are facing poor employee experience at their current organizations. But, what exactly is employee experience?  

What Is Employee Experience?

In a nutshell, employee experience defines the entire journey of an employee from the moment they are on board till their last day at the office. It’s a summary of all the things that happened to them during their work period, which either makes them big critics or the most incredible supporters of the company.

Importance of Employee Experience Technology

The pandemic has forced organizations to work remotely and already accelerated the adoption of digital technology. Companies started using digital tools for managing tasks, projects, team meetings, communication, collaboration, and automation. 

With these tools, organizations maintain productivity and achieve revenue goals while working remotely. But, they are still facing the challenge of employee engagement and retaining their top talent. 

Remote working organizations are looking for ways to enhance the overall employee experience. It is an essential factor that drives the entire organization. If your employees are not satisfied, then employee engagement, retention, and everything else will shatter in a second. This will also impact customer experience. Because happy employees create happy customers. To prevent that from happening, you need to use technology wisely and provide a good employee experience to everyone working in your company. 

And that’s where employee experience technology comes into the picture. There are many ways you can improve employee experience with the help of digital tools. With proper tools, you can tailor customized experiences for your employees right from onboarding to leaving your organization. 

How to improve Employee Experience with Technology?

Here are some of the practical ways you can use technology to improve employee experience:

1. Invest in a powerful employee engagement platform

With work from home replacing the in-office culture, it has become important to maintain the same employee engagement rate for everyone. Though existing employees might not have a problem interacting with their colleagues, it might become challenging for newbies.

This is where platforms like Engagedly come into view. An all-in-one employee engagement platform that helps connect everyone in the organization with no barrier can be of great help while working remotely.

By investing in such tools, you are making it possible for all your employees to engage seamlessly with each other, further lessening the chances of miscommunication. Engagedly helps in streamlining internal communication and provides various other features like remote collaboration, employee recognition, survey tool, and gamification.

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2. Collect employee feedback and act on it

Whenever we order food delivery, we always give feedback on whether we like it. Likewise, it’s important to take feedback from employees regularly. This doesn’t mean that you should take only one feedback per year. No, as per surveys, organizations saw a 12% improvement in performing employees after taking weekly feedback and acting on it.

Besides, platforms like Engagedly enable you to conduct employee surveys and collect data on employee sentiments.

Apart from that, it’s also essential to take exit feedback from employees who are quitting the organization. Why? That’s because it would help the organization understand whether the employee had a good experience and further work on it.

3. Empower employees with the right team collaboration tools

When it comes to using digital tools for team collaboration, tons of apps are present in the market, which can overwhelm you. That’s why it is important to choose the right tools that will suit the requirements of your employees and the organization.

For example, for teams that need to converse in real-time and be in touch throughout office hours, tools like Slack can be of great help. Here, you can tag your colleagues regarding any doubts and communicate easily.

On the other hand, all-in-one work management tools like SmartTask not only offer task & project management capabilities but also team collaboration features like video conferencing and instant messaging in one app.

You can experiment with different digital tools by opting for their free trials to choose the right fit for your needs.

4. Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows

Every company uses different tools for various types of work. This demands employees to use multiple software tools which can be overwhelming. Also, tasks like entering client data into Google sheets or sending follow-up emails to prospects can be repetitive for employees. But, automation can help you in solving these problems within seconds.

Nowadays, tools like Zapier or Integromat can help you automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows by connecting the tools you use. For example, you can automate follow-up sending processes or manual data entry activities.

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5. Provide online learning opportunities

For recruiting Gen Z employees, you can’t charm them with a competitive salary only, as they also look for different things that will benefit their career. One of the best ways to improve your employees’ experience is by providing them with proper career growth opportunities. One way of doing this is by providing them access to courses from Coursera, Skillshare, and other high-end learning platforms.

You can provide them with free vouchers for the courses, conduct training sessions, arrange seminars, and other things that can surely help them in their career path. Gen Z employees look for jobs through which they can earn and upskill themselves at the same time. By helping them achieve that, you can increase the rate of employee retention. 

Final Words

For employee experience, most companies think that organizing an annual picnic or outing with the entire team and festival parties will do the trick. But that will not do the trick anymore. Employees are looking for companies with good work ethics and chances for growth. 

The pandemic has shown everyone that life matters the most, and everything else is secondary. Companies that understand this and value mental peace as well as help their employees grow are the ones that will have a high employee retention rate with good experience.

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Shyamal Parikh

Shyamal Parikh is the Founder of SmartTask, an online work management/automation software that helps teams streamline their processes. May it be sales, hiring, customer success, or projects. He actively shares strategies and techniques that improve a team’s productivity. 



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