Creative Employee Motivation Ideas

Why does employee motivation matter so much to employers? and What do organisations tend to achieve by motivating their workforce?

Much research by industry experts have shown that the drive and passion that employees carry to their work are some of the most important factors of organisational success. There is no doubt that motivated employees are more engaged and productive, better at problem solving, and contribute more towards the achievement of company’s goals.

But what can organisations do to keep their workforce motivated and engaged at work?

In the current business environment where employees are exposed to innumerable problems pertaining to work and personal life, it is crucial to have motivational sessions for employees. As most organisations are now transitioning to hybrid work set up, it can become even more challenging to boost up their morale.

But certainly there are some ways in which employers can amp up their workforce’s motivation, and thereby achieve higher engagement levels.

This article will unpack some creative employee motivation ideas that employers can implement for their hybrid and remote workforce.

Employee Motivation Ideas

Here are some extraordinary and creative ideas to motivate your employees.

1. Stress-Relief Virtual Graffiti Wall

Art has an incredible effect on everyone. It allows people to explore their emotions and makes them feel relaxed. Use art as a motivator. Have a graffiti wall in your workplace or an online virtual wall that your employees can use to express themselves whenever they feel stressed. A workplace that brings out the artist in you! Now, that’s something truly motivating.

2. Spread The Joy

Laughter is the best medicine. Encourage your employees to be cheerful at work. Occasionally invite experts and conduct online or on-sight laughter therapy sessions for your hybrid team. Laughter therapy sessions are good stress-relievers and will help employees in reducing their stress.

You can even go a step ahead and invite employees’ families to join these sessions. Sharing such fun moments can be a great employee bonding.

Reward laughter and motivate your employees to spread the joy. This brings in a lot of positive energy into your work staff and keeps them motivated at work.

3. The Good News

Every employee craves recognition. Then why not give it to them? Praise employees every week for their accomplishments and contributions for the organisation. You can send an attractive, customised email or an online badge to employees, thanking them for their continuous efforts.

This keeps employees motivated at work because they know that there’s someone keeping track of their achievements and accomplishments. Shockingly, all employees don’t want money. What they do want however is some recognition and appreciation.

4. Surprise Awards

It’s just a usual Wednesday afternoon; everyone has a list of tasks to be completed by the week, all the employees are busily engaged in their work. The boss suddenly shows up and announces that he is happy with the recent accomplishments of one of the teams and gives the team a surprise award. Now, it isn’t a surprise just for the team which won the award, but also for the other teams too?

Also, the other teams no know that their accomplishments will be acknowledged by their boss, they will be motivated to work harder.

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5. Keep Calm And Celebrate

Celebrating small accomplishments is vital in any organization. These celebrations can be as simple as clapping for the accomplishment of a team, sending out an email to the whole company to recognize efforts of the employees etc. Recognizing the efforts of your staff by taking them out for lunch or going for team outings on hitting the goals etc is also a good idea. This makes the employees feel valued and motivated.

Your responsibility as an employer is to retain your valuable work staff and make all your employees realize how important they are for your organizational growth. The above-mentioned ideas are just a few employee motivation ideas, you can always think of something new and more creative.

6. Create An Open And Inspiring Team Culture

Culture is the foundation of all organisational activities. By creating an open, friendly, caring, and inspiring work culture, you can motivate your employees to be their true selves in the workplace. Research has shown that employees are able to contribute more if they have a sense of belonging in the workplace.

A company’s culture filters down from top to bottom, and therefore, it is important for upper management to live by their words. Employees always look up to their leaders and follow their footsteps. So what message would you like to deliver to your employees? Be an inspiration to them and support them by creating a supportive and congenial work culture.

7. Transparent And Clear Communication

An organisation that has an open communication policy is more innovative and better at problem solving. Giving a platform to employees to communicate their ideas and issues is a great start to motivating them. Furthermore, you can also adopt a social performance management system that can help connect employees easily and also track their engagement levels.

Employee motivation is the key to achieving higher performance and output in an organisation. Only by keeping your employees focused and dedicated can you expect them to deliver quality results. The staff motivation ideas discussed in this article will surely help in enhancing the motivation of your workforce. Share your employee motivation ideas in the comments section.

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