Unleash Success: Achieve Goals with Goals 2.0

Wondering what’s Goals 2.0? Allow us to explain. 

Success in the hectic world of business isn’t accidental. It is the outcome of thorough preparation, wise decision-making, and effective execution. Goal setting, a fundamental practise that helps organizations move towards their desired outcomes, is at the heart of this process. Businesses pave the way for growth and success by establishing clear objectives and coordinating efforts to achieve them.

Here’s an interesting fact: According to a Harvard Business research, people who establish precise goals are ten times more likely to achieve than those who do not. Yet goal setting benefits more than just people; it also benefits organisations. According to American Management Association data, firms that successfully develop and communicate goals have a 21% gain in profitability.

These startling numbers highlight the critical role that goal setting plays in generating organizational performance. Setting goals goes beyond wishful thinking and turns desires into practical actions. Goals provide purpose, engage teams, and promote an accountability culture by offering a path for development.

In this post, we will look at the importance of goal setting and how it may alter organizations. We’ll look at how adopting a complete goal management platform, such as Goals 2.0, may transform the way organizations define, manage, track, and achieve their goals. Prepare to discover the secrets to unlocking your organization’s full potential and going on a road to unprecedented success.

Crush Your Business Goals with Enhanced Transparency, Collaboration, and Alignment

Setting, managing, tracking, and achieving goals are essential aspects of any organization. However, it can be a significant challenge to ensure everyone is aligned and working towards common objectives, especially in large organizations with numerous teams. That’s where Goals 2.0 comes into play – the most comprehensive goal management platform designed to transform the way organizations operate and propel them to higher levels of success.

Draft Goals for Better Alignment

Draft goals

Aligning everyone in your organization with common goals is no small feat, particularly when different teams have contrasting viewpoints. With Goals 2.0, you gain access to an amazing feature that allows you to create multiple drafts and share them with stakeholders to ensure proper alignment before publishing the goals. This streamlined approach to goal management and alignment has never been easier.

Extended Collaboration

Engagedly Goals 2.0-Extended Collaboration

Previously, collaboration among teams was a complex and time-consuming process. Goals 2.0 changes that by making collaboration a breeze. Goal-setters can invite team members, managers, and other stakeholders to comment, review, suggest, and provide feedback on the goals – both before and after they are published. Simply tag the necessary stakeholders using “@” and witness how cross-functional teams react to each other’s goals quickly and decisively. Furthermore, juggling and altering goals becomes a cakewalk with Goals 2.0.

Goal Setting Module

Less Effort, More Effect

Seamless and essential integrations with platforms like Salesforce, JIRA, and Google Sheets make life easier for your employees. No more duplicating reports or data – simply update the progress on the respective platform dashboards, and all the data gets synced flawlessly in Goals 2.0. This integration eliminates errors and ensures progress information remains intact without any mismatches. Managers and decision-makers gain instant insights from different platforms, enabling them to measure progress and success effortlessly on a unified dashboard.

Milestones for Delightful Goal Achievement

Welcome to the world of (S)milestones, where even big and complex goals become delightfully easy to achieve. By splitting Key Result Areas (KRAs) into milestones, your tasks become well-defined, bringing unprecedented clarity to your journey toward accomplishing your goals. With Goals 2.0, you can assign or change owners for milestones and key results, fostering a happy environment where goals are consistently reached with ease.

Aligned and Contributing Goals

Aligned Goal Hierarchy view

In Goals 2.0, you can set both aligned goals and contributing goals. Aligned goals are those that align with the overall organizational objective but do not contribute to any other goals. They run parallel to the overall goals set. Aligned goals do not automatically become contributing goals; they must be marked separately. Contributing goals, on the other hand, are those that directly contribute to another goal or a set of goals established by the organization. These goals play a vital role in achieving the overall organizational objective and driving organizational success.

A Helping Hand

With Goals 2.0, no one in your organization will feel helpless. The Support for Collaboration feature allows individuals to seek assistance or guidance in the process of achieving their goals. Whenever someone gets stuck, all they need to do is tag the person they need help from – there’s no need for any other channel of collaboration. Watch your organization work together like a well-oiled machine.

Goalistic Picture

Engagedly Goals 2.0-Goalistic pictureBeyond individual and team goals, understanding your organization’s goals is crucial for everyone. Goals 2.0 provides a bird’s-eye view of the broader organizational goals, business units, departments, team members, and individual goals – all at a glance. The Milestone Propagation feature in Goals 2.0 gives you a holistic picture, adding more sense and purpose to your efforts. Imagine the wonders this comprehensive view can do for everyone’s performance.

A Walk in the Park

With Goals 2.0, you can save time and effort by importing and cloning goals. If you have goals maintained in Excel sheets, you can effortlessly import them into Goals 2.0 and continue from there. No need to recreate them from scratch. For recurring goals or those with minimal changes, you can clone previous goals, make the necessary edits, and publish them. It’s as simple as that.

All at a Glance

Visual graphs represent your goal targets and actual progress, allowing you to quickly assess where you stand in accomplishing your goals. Gain insights into your expected and current progress, empowering you to reorient your approach if necessary and ensure timely goal attainment.

Feedback to Drive Results

Engagedly Goals 2.0-FeedbackPromptly responding to goal progression makes a significant difference to individuals, teams, and the entire organization. Goals 2.0 includes a feedback feature that enables you to share instant feedback on your team’s progress or completion of goals. This feedback-driven approach helps your organization perform better in achieving its goals.

But Wait, there’s more …

Goals 2.0 offers an array of additional features, including setting independent and cascading goals, visually aligned and contributing goals, creating multiple goals together, organizing via tags and in-depth filters, and recognizing and praising achievements.

Engagedly’s Goals 2.0 is an intelligent, intuitive, and insightful goal management platform that enhances transparency, collaboration, and communication within organizations. With better alignment and the power of Goals 2.0, organizations can achieve unprecedented success.

So, say goodbye to goal management headaches and unlock the true potential of your organization with Goals 2.0.

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