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A new method to track and set goals that was easily adoptable by all their employees


Implement goal setting tool for their workforce


Altisource has modernized not only its goal-setting processes but also has integrated other various tools from Engagedly

In 2017, Altisource’s Organizational Development Team reached out to Engagedly for a goal-setting tool to implement for their workforce. The company needed a new method to track and set goals that were easily adoptable by all their employees.


Though Altisource’s initial quest was for a goal-setting tool, Engagedly’s various other offerings allowed Altisource to integrate them into their day-to-day processes seamlessly, thus providing them with additional benefits they hadn’t even considered. Additionally, Engagedly’s intuitive design made it easy for the organization and employees, which was one of the pain points Altisource encountered when looking for a product. Clunky interfaces weren’t going to please a tech-savvy and forward-thinking workforce.

The company sought a platform to support a new initiative emphasizing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and reached out to Engagedly in this search. Ultimately, this partnership delivers much more than a few goal-setting techniques.

Engagedly delivered a multitude of functionalities in one simple, easy-to-use platform. Altisource adopted an efficient performance review process through this partnership and created pathways to facilitate career development opportunities.

Saving Time by Dumping Out-Dated Systems

Managing a workforce replete with forward-thinking strategists and engineers, Thompson knew that when introducing a new platform, she had a tough crowd to please.

“It’s never easy integrating new software, to begin with,” Thompson says, “and in our case, we have some of the most highly skilled engineers to impress.”

Thompson sought out an employee management system that met the high-tech excellence criteria and featured a strong reporting mechanism, an employee recognition system, and the ability to track cascading goals that integrate with the company’s larger vision and strategy. Most of all, the platform had to feature an “engaging, attractive interface”–so that employees would want to use it.

After demoing six or seven options, Thompson discovered that most products were either too expensive for the benefits provided or featured clumsy interfaces that held little user appeal. The Engagedly platform? A slam- dunk solution.

“Change can be stressful in a start- up environment,” Thompson says, “especially when you’re telling people you’re going to shift from annual to quarterly reviews with a new platform.”

But the transition to Engagedly was a smooth one. Working solo, Thompson got the new system, including redesigning and integrating her own performance review process, up and running in a few weeks. Engagedly also helped get the Actifio managers on board quickly by providing virtual training.

Now that they’ve gotten one quarterly review under their belts, managers understand that tracking continuous engagement across an automated platform, rather than creating annual reports that attempt to “remember” an entire year–only to forget it– is time much better spent.

Solving Complex Problems with a Simple Tool

Altisource turned to Engagedly for a tool to launch and facilitate a company-wide OKR initiative. The Organizational Development team sought to integrate and utilize a goal-setting system that employees could use and quickly gain insights from.

The Altisource team recognized the benefits of OKRs in conversations with other organizations. In conversation with his colleague, Enoch became intrigued by implementing an OKR mindset and how it taught other companies to track goals efficiently and organize throughout their entire organization.

Altisource began conversations with Engagedly to adopt tools to integrate OKRs and facilitate the goal-setting process in their workspace. Upon further exploration of Engagedly’s Performance and Engagement suite, Altisource has transitioned to using the Engagedly platform for performance reviews and career development initiatives.

“It’s the simplicity of the platform,” Enoch explained.

The intuitive design made it easy for the organization and employees to use. The company now benefits in ways they did not initially plan for when making the initial decision to use Engagedly.

A Seamless Support for Altisource Success

Engagedly’s user-friendly software made the onboarding process at Altisource very seamless, says Enoch. He also pinpoints to the constant stream of support that the team at Engagedly provided as a great aid in the implementation process. Whenever there were challenges, Engagedly responded quickly and solved the issue at hand.

Engagedly ensured that the onboarding process was as smooth as possible for Altisource, and was available every step of the way to help answer questions and provide support.

The robust support delivered allowed Altisource and Engagedly to work closely together and foster a strong and symbiotic relationship. the people at Altisource received from Engagedly, have kept their relationship strong ever since the initial onboarding process.

Last year, Altisource launched its first annual impact review. Enoch emphasized that the support of Engagedly Partner of HR Strategy and Alignment, Aaron Adams, and the rest of the team was crucial to the success of this launch. Engagedly served as a helping hand throughout the launch process and also provided suggestions for how to use the review system best. Beyond the tools that the Engagedly platform has provided Altisource, the support and ultimate relationship that has been established has also been extremely beneficial.

When asked about what he believed was the most valuable feature or aspect of the platform, Enoch answered that the support was what he believed was the most impactful for him and his company

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