What Drives Employee Engagement? [Infographic]

How can organizations figure out what drives employee engagement?

The first thing they need to do is accept that there is no one universal driver of employee engagement.  In fact, there are many different drivers of engagement. What drives engagement in one organization may not do anything in other.

But there are a few drivers of engagement that are common enough that they work for  most organizations. Organizations should figure out what drives employee engagement for them and nurture that. Only then is it possible for organizations to truly reap the benefits.

drivers of employee engagement

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Engagedly is a performance management software for organizations looking to provide their employees with the opportunity for frequent and real-time feedback and accurate performance reviews. The software is easy to use and powerful enough to work with businesses of all sizes. Engagedly’s features like 360 feedback reviews, OKRs, manager feedback, peer praise, learning, and rewards help engage the workforce and improve the overall productivity of an organization.

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