How Engagedly Makes Goal Management Easy

In 2020, when everyone is working remotely, the importance of goal-setting software cannot be undermined. Having clear and well-defined goals helps employees to be engaged and focused at work. But a goal setting software should not only allow you to create goals but should also allow you to manage and track them easily. Using Engagedly’s Real Time Performance Management Software, you can manage employee goals effectively throughout the organization. In our previous article, we shared a guide to help you set goals using Engagedly; in this one, we will share some of the features of the goals module that will make goal management an easy job for your organization. 

Here are some of the features.

Assign Goals To Anyone

In Engagedly’s goal module, you can assign goals to anyone very easily. It not only allows you to assign the goals to your direct reports but also allows you to assign them to other members of the organization if they need to be a part of the goal. It reduces the need for meeting up or having a formal meeting before goal assignment and thus saves a lot of time.

Let’s You Align Your Goals

Employee goals, once aligned with the team, department, and organizational goals, it becomes easier for employees to understand where they fit in the bigger picture. Moreover, when employees realize how their contribution matters for the organization’s success, they are more productive and engaged at work.

In Engagedly’s goal-setting module, employees can link their goals upwards with the team, department, and organization goals, and see how their progress helps in the progress of the organization’s goals.

For example, if one of the marketing team’s goals is establishing a brand voice, aligning goals will show the employees how they are contributing.

You Can Cascade The Goals

Engagedly’s cascading feature allows adding contributors or stakeholders to individual goals. When goals are cascaded, it becomes easier to align goals with the team and organization goals. The cascaded goal becomes a shared goal, and everyone’s progress affects the overall progress of the goal.

For example, the content marketing manager of an organization cascades their goal of expanding brand voice with the content marketing associate.

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Add Key Results

“If it does not have a number, it is not a Key Result.” – Marissa Mayer, former Google Vice President (Search Products and User Experience).

Although introduced by Andy Grove, the concept of objectives and key results was made famous by John Doerr while he was working at Google. Objectives are simple descriptions of what you want to achieve, whereas key results simply measure the progress towards the objective. OKRs help break down big goals into smaller and simpler quantifiable goals that are easy to achieve.

Engagedly’s OKR component will allow you to add multiple objectives for each goal and multiple key results for each objective. We at Engagedly wouldn’t recommend adding more than 3-5 key results per objective.

Comment On It

Engagedly’s employee goals module comes with a built-in comment functionality where managers and employees can discuss the progress of the goals. It makes it easy for everyone to communicate without having the need to meet in person for a discussion. Moreover, it helps the employees to receive timely feedback which is important to keep the employees motivated and engaged.

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Integrated With PMS

Goal setting and management is an important part of performance management. Goals are one of the yardsticks to measure the performance of an employee by their managers. It helps them understand how much an employee has accomplished over a period of time in the organization. Not only this, it helps employees to track their own progress and helps them understand which areas they need to focus on.

Engagedly’s goals module can be seamlessly integrated with other modules of Engagedly such as real-time feedback, multi-rater, learning, performance, etc., which makes the performance review process a lot easier for the employees and the manager.

This article outlines only some of the features of Engagedly’s goal module. To know more about it, request us for a live demo.

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