10 HR Events (Virtual And In-Person) Not To Be Missed This Year

COVID-19 has created a tough and complicated environment for Human Resource Management (HRM) professionals. After Covid-19, HRM was placed in an uncertain position where they needed to devise inventive methods to simplify their organization’s operations and assist their people in coping with this unusual crisis. This is where attending HR events would prove helpful for the HR department of a company.

HR events provide a platform for inventive HR leaders, HR professionals, business experts, and workforce analytics to collaborate and develop a great business strategy to address the many complicated difficulties that affect companies at all levels. HRM can meet experts and other HR professionals, and discuss how to deal with a large-scale shift in the way people work in hybrid or remote working environments. 

Benefits of Attending HR Events 

Some benefits that HR leaders and business leaders would reap by attending HR events are :

  • Opportunities and learning: HR conferences provide opportunities for professional development and understanding of the top HR trends of the year. The participants will also receive an insight into recruiting practices, and emerging HR strategies and technologies.
  • Challenges: Participants will have a better understanding of how to deal with the challenges of working in a multicultural environment. 
  • A chance to meet field experts: These events allow professionals to meet field experts. In addition, thought leaders and experts will share their experiences and advice to the trainees and Human Resources professionals; especially, regarding essential aspects of HRM such as talent acquisition and employee engagement.
  • Develop a professional network: HR events enable professionals to interact with peers and develop a professional network. 
  • Build your CV: Many HR conferences award certificates to participants on completion of the conference. These new skills and accreditations can boost your CV.
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10 HR Events Not To Be Missed This Year

Some of the major HR events you cannot afford to miss are discussed below. They would provide you with an opportunity to meet with high-profile business experts and HR leaders. Importantly, they would render an in-depth understanding of the latest HR technologies to streamline HR-based processes.

      1. The State of Employee Well-being 2022

Date: 1 June to 2 June

Price: Free

Why should you attend: 

This event will focus on employees’ well-being and how employers can keep employees motivated and engaged post-COVID. Experts will talk about the effects of the pandemic and how these can be overcome, especially in terms of workplace security and the mental health of employees. Essential areas pertaining to HRM such as the development of high-potential employees and the culture of transparency will also be covered.

You can register for the event here.

hr events 2022     

      2. SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2022

Date: 12 June to 15 June

Price: The price for a pass to an in-person conference is $1,950 for members and $2,450 for non-members. The price for a virtual pass is $1,295 for members and $1,550 for non-members.

Why should you attend:   

This is one of the world’s largest HR conferences, with more than 200 sessions; 500+ exhibiting companies, and thousands of successful, smart, and ambitious HR professionals to network with. This is a four-day conference with peer-to-peer connections, customized learning, corporate and HR leader lectures, productivity HR courses, and hands-on learning workshops. You will also be exposed to ideas related to crucial HR topics, such as strategic HR practices, leadership, inclusion and diversity, workplace culture, and recruitment and retention. 

SHRM Annual Conference event registration can be done here.

      3. Gartner Data & Analytics Summit

Date: 25 July to 26 July 

Price: AU$ 2,975 + GST for early-bird tickets, AU$ 3,475 + GST for standard tickets, and AU$2,850 + GST for the public sector

Why should you attend:    

At this event, leading reporting and analytics subject matter experts and corporate leaders will share their insights about the biggest challenges that data analytics leaders confront as they build robust, innovative, and agile organizations of the future. You will have the opportunity to interact with thought leaders and learn to simplify business processes with advanced data analytics capabilities in a dynamic and complex world. From the perspective of data analytics, this HR conference focuses primarily on corporate strategy, the most recent innovations, and entrepreneurship.

Event registration can be done here.

      4. HR Connect 2022

Schedule: Preconference- 12 October

Main Conference: 13 to 14 October

Price: $1,199

Why should you attend:  

At the HR Connect 2022 event, you’ll learn how to adapt and tackle the most pressing HR challenges, explore compliance, recruiting, corporate culture, and learn how to update your personnel management methods to engage and retain remote and hybrid employees. At this engaging live conference, you will also learn: 

  • Keeping up with evolving employment regulations.
  • The key to maintaining diverse employees of various skill levels and developing professional skills for optimal company performance.
  • Accepting setbacks, and learning and improving from failures.
  • The biggest cause of employee burnout and effective stress management techniques.
  • How to effectively help employees, who are also the providers for their families.
  • Ways to improve the productivity and creativity of your employees.

HR Connect 2022 event registration can be done here.

      5. The State of Human Experience in the Workplace 2022

Date: 17 August

Price: Free

Why should you attend:       

At this event, you’ll discover how to establish metrics such as KPIs for the contemporary employee experience. The event will also focus on presentations on a range of challenges pertaining to human interactions, particularly the experiences that employees and other stakeholders have in today’s workplace and how these impact employee performance, retention, and engagement. You’ll also learn how to improve your recruiting process and what HR strategies you can use, such as employee engagement, compensation and benefits, and business culture.

The State of Human Experience in the Workplace event registration can be done here.

      6. Creating a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference

Date: 21 September

Price: $195

Why should you attend:   

During this virtual conference, you will learn about the latest best practices for building a common language and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and how to develop a clear DEI strategy in which your entire workforce can participate. You may earn credits from HRCI, SHRM, and HCI by attending this session.

You can register for the event here.

      7. Western Cities HR Conference

Date: 5 October to 7 October 

Price: $103.95 – $2,625 (varying from tickets to tickets and accommodation prices)

Why should you attend: 

This conference specifically targets human resource professionals working in the public sector from all around Western Canada so that they can explore the unique challenges that HR faces in this industry. You may attend both keynotes and active breakout sessions to acquire insight and inspiration for your career. Erik van Vulpen, founder of Analytics in HR, will also give a virtual presentation on this occasion.

You can register for the Western Cities HR Conference here.

      8. Supporting Workplace Wellness & Wellbeing

Date: 19 October


A 1-day virtual conference pass costs $195;

Engage Your People Virtual Series costs $495; and 

2022 All Access Virtual Conference Pass costs $1,895

Why should you attend:   

As a result of virtual and flexible work arrangements, organizations must go beyond surface-level health initiatives. Attend this session to discover how to effectively help your employees in times of unrest, stress, financial, and other difficulties. You will also discover the most up-to-date information on how to develop a working culture that places the emotional and physical wellness of workers at the forefront.

At this event, you would also learn how to provide adaptable resources for mental and physical health concerns, develop a culture in which employees are encouraged at times of personal difficulty, and maintain a proactive stance in the face of workforce difficulties that might affect your company. Other benefits include:

  • You’ll have the opportunity to network virtually with your colleagues and speakers.
  • Accessibility to a digital resource center for thirty days after the conference, including recordings of keynote speeches and slides from presentations.
  • Acquire 4 HRCI General credits, 4 SHRM Professional Development Credits, 4 HCI credits, and 3 ATD recertification credits.

Register for the event here.

      9. IFEBP 68th Annual Employee Benefits Conference

Date: 23 October to 26 October 

Price: Early bird tickets are $1,695 and regular tickets are $1,995 (exclusively for members of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans).

Why should you attend:    

At this event, you can connect with over 5,000 HR professionals and have access to the views of 150 industry leaders on employee pay. Also, you will get practical knowledge about tried-and-true methods that you may adopt in your organization. You will get to learn the latest developments in the industry so that when it comes to investing, you are fully conversant with the pros and cons of it. The main focus of the HR conference will be on administration, fiduciary responsibility, health and welfare, a comprehensive overview of employee benefits and challenges, investments, and pensions, ​public plans, apprenticeship, training, and education, fund professionals—accountants, and fund advisors—attorneys.

      10. Agile Leadership Development Conference

Date: 16 November 

Price: $195 for a one-day virtual conference

Why should you attend:  

At this event, you can learn how to deal with the shortage of skilled professionals while minimizing the risks to your company. Understand how to create successful leadership development programs by attending this virtual HR conference hosted by the Human Capital Institute. You will also get to learn to identify the relevant metrics, develop a culture of openness, and make sure that your leadership development activities are consistent with your succession objectives.

Registration for the Agile Leadership Development Conference can be done here.

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Final Thoughts

Participating in these virtual or in-person HR conferences might be the smartest move you could make this year, as the emphasis of these conferences will fall on the problems encountered by HR professionals in the context of the new normal and other persistent workforce concerns. 

In addition, you will get first-hand experience of the most recent HR technology, such as Engagedly, which acts as a platform for connecting with employees and understanding the many challenges they face. This type of technology can also expedite the resolution of their difficulties, boost productivity, and ensure employee retention.


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