What Happens After A 360 Degree Feedback Program?

by Aaron Adams Apr 2,2016
with Aaron Adams, CEO

So your organization went ahead and had a 360 degree feedback program. Let’s not go into the reasons why, but let us presume that they were good and meaningful.

360 degree feedback programs are good. They can be very beneficial to an organization and its employees. But one of the reasons why they fail is that nobody seems to follow up on a 360 degree feedback program.

A 360 degree feedback program does not just end with having a program. In fact, that is merely the beginning. So what do you do after you complete a 360 degree feedback program?

Release The Results – Not wholesale, but employees deserve to know what has been said about them. Think of it like a report card of sorts.

Make An Action Plan – Be prepared for some changes after a 360 degree feedback program is done. Once the results of the program are out, you might have to make a few changes, promotions, hand out benefits etc. An action plan can help you accomplish all of this in an orderly fashion, one after the other. It also goes without saying that once you have an action plan in place, you need to take action.

Figure Out A Cycle – Some organizations might need to carry out more 360 degree programs than others. Some might only require them to be held every year or two years. Based on the results, you will be able to gauge how often you need to carry out these programs. Once you figure that out, make a program schedule and let your employees know how often the program is going to happen.

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Aaron Adams

Aaron Adams is an advisor for Engagedly, where he develops and implements strategic talent solutions that help support and drive the organization’s talent and business strategies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Wayne State University and has worked as a Right Management consultant and an OD consultant for a Fortune 20 Company. Currently, he leads Engagedly Teams responsible for onboarding, training, and consulting services.

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