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by Chandler Barr Nov 15,2023

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with Srikant Chellappa, CEO

In the ever-changing business landscape, human resource management is grappling with numerous challenges. These challenges can range from data fragmentation, inconsistent procedures, and outdated technology to employee experience enhancement and talent acquisition difficulties. Organizations must rely on efficient HR processes in such a setting to successfully manage their employees and remain competitive.

Engagedly has teamed with HiBob HR integration to bring effective HR innovation in response to these concerns. This collaboration seeks to increase organizational performance through streamlined HR processes. Companies can now efficiently manage their employees, automate administrative processes, and build a culture of feedback using Engagedly and HiBob HRIS’ seamless integration capabilities. Let’s explore how!

HiBob HR Platform: The Force 

The HiBob platform is at the heart of this integration, an HR powerhouse that delivers efficiency and consistency to HR activities. It’s an extensive system designed to streamline HR tasks, from data administration to strategic planning. The HiBob HRIS (Human Resources Information System) is the foundation, providing correct data management and fueling the whole HR lifecycle.

HiBob’s goal-setting capabilities are one of its primary features, allowing organizations to create, measure, and report on their progress.

The following components are important parts of the “HiBob Goals” feature:

Goal Definition 

Managers and staff can work together to set precise short- and long-term goals that match the company’s goals. These objectives may pertain to personal performance, team accomplishments, milestones for the project, or professional development.

Goal Tracking 

HiBob Goals allow real-time progress tracking of goals. Employees and managers may examine the progress of each target regularly, making it easy to recognize areas where more help or modifications may be required.

Performance Evaluation 

The HiBob targets can be used for performance assessments. These objectives serve as quantifiable benchmarks, allowing for an independent assessment of an employee’s contribution to the organization.

Feedback and Recognition 

The platform includes a section for giving feedback on goal progress. Managers may recognize accomplishments and provide direction and critical comments, establishing a culture of ongoing progress and acknowledgment.


The HiBob Goals function ensures that individual and team goals align with larger organizational objectives. This alignment contributes to forming a cohesive workforce working toward common goals.

Employee Development 

Goal-setting isn’t only about performance; it’s also a chance for employees to develop and grow their skills. Employees may improve professionally and contribute more effectively to the organization by establishing a mix of ambitious and realistic goals.

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Leverage Engagedly to Increase HR Efficiency 

Engagedly is a cloud-based talent management platform specializing in robust solutions for employee engagement and performance. With a focus on fostering communication, learning, and growth, Engagedly empowers organizations to build and sustain highly motivated and productive teams.

The platform goes beyond conventional HR tools, improving productivity through streamlined procedures, automation, and comprehensive people management capabilities. Engagedly is a valuable resource for businesses seeking to elevate employee engagement, enhance performance, and drive organizational success. Let’s take a closer look at Engagedly’s features:

Centralized Operations 

Engagedly offers a centralized HR data management platform designed to streamline access, facilitate changes, and enhance tracking efficiency. This not only saves time but also helps eliminate mistakes, ensuring a more accurate and efficient HR management process.

HR Automation 

Engagedly excels in task streamlining, automating HR operations, and reducing the necessity for follow-ups through effective notifications and reminders. This seamless approach enhances efficiency and ensures that crucial tasks are managed promptly and with minimal manual intervention.

Performance Management 

Engagedly’s performance management tool simplifies crucial processes such as goal setting, performance evaluations, and employee feedback, leading to heightened overall organizational efficiency. This not only boosts morale and fosters a culture of appreciation but also facilitates real-time feedback and acknowledgment, contributing to a more dynamic and positive workplace environment.

Data Analytics 

To inform strategic decision-making, HR professionals leverage analytics and reports from Engagedly to analyze employee data. The data-driven insights offered by Engagedly guarantee error-free processes and informed decisions, empowering HR teams with the tools they need for effective workforce management.


Every business requires HR operations – but not on the same scale. The configurable capabilities of Engagedly allow organizations to customize the software to their HR requirements.

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Get Your Hands on Seamless Data Flow 

The seamless flow of data is the true brilliance of this synergy. Powered by HiBob HRIS as the integration’s foundation and catalyzed by Engagedly software, data moves effortlessly without delays or interruptions. This synergy eliminates data silos and redundant entries. For instance, when an employee’s information is entered into HiBob, it promptly reflects in Engagedly, eradicating administrative costs and ensuring reliable, up-to-date data management.

This innovative HR approach harmonizes Engagedly and HiBob, offering organizations a comprehensive solution. While HiBob serves as a robust HRIS platform for company operations, Engagedly focuses on addressing employee needs. By leveraging these platforms, organizations can elevate performance, engagement, and retention, propelling them to new heights of success in the dynamic landscape of the future of work.

Benefits of HiBob HRIS and Engagedly Software Integration  

The integration of HiBob HR and Engagedly Software is a game-changer for organizations seeking to streamline HR procedures and enhance employee engagement. This seamless integration not only saves time and effort but also ensures the accuracy and currency of information across all HR operations.

What sets this synergy apart is the combination of HiBob’s comprehensive HRIS capabilities and Engagedly’s focus on meeting employee expectations. Together, they empower organizations to adopt a holistic approach to people management, fostering a culture of continuous growth and development. Let’s delve into how this collaboration cultivates an environment dedicated to ongoing progress!

From Recruitment to Offboarding: A Unified Approach 

The integrated solution provides consistency from the initial recruiting process, which is managed easily by HiBob, to continuing performance management provided by Engagedly, to the final steps of offboarding. Organizations can safely traverse each step because data and processes are in sync.

A Comprehensive Employee Experience 

Employee engagement organically grows when employees can readily access and update their information, receive timely feedback, and focus on their progress. In conjunction with HiBob, Engagedly delivers a top-notch employee experience, allowing employees to access resources clearly and easily.

Strategic Growth and Impact 

This integration is about more than simply making HR responsibilities easier to manage; it is also about achieving strategic effect. Organizations may use this potent pair to promote a culture of success through strategic HR initiatives. The capacity to link human resource strategy with organizational goals becomes a reality, resulting in development and success.

Compliance and Long-Term Adaptability

Organizations may successfully manage HR regulations and comply with labor laws with this integrated system. Furthermore, the system’s agility assures employees’ preparedness for the future. This implies that organizations can expand, adjust, and adapt with a solution tailored to the dynamic nature of the contemporary workforce.

Is Engagedly + HiBob Goals for You? 

The synergy between Engagedly software and the HiBob platform signifies the future of HR. This integration is not just an alternative; it’s a revolutionary shift in data management, employee engagement, and how organizations perceive HR. Adopting this holistic strategy enables organizations to enhance HR operations and create a positive employee experience conducive to growth in the dynamic work landscape.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of HR Integration? Embrace the Engagedly + HiBob Goals platform to lead your organization toward innovation, efficiency, and greater possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the relevance of integrating Engagedly software with HiBob HR? 

The integration of Engagedly and HiBobHR offers a unified solution to enhance HR efficiency, streamline operations, and elevate the employee experience. This collaboration harnesses the robust HRIS capabilities of HiBob and integrates them seamlessly with Engagedly’s performance management, engagement, and development modules. The result is a powerful partnership that reshapes the landscape of HR management.

Q2. What role does this integration play in HR strategy and innovation? 

Engagedly and HiBob integration enables organizations to promote strategic initiatives, link HR with organizational goals, and provide a pleasant employee experience. It simplifies procedures, improves data quality, and allows HR professionals to be more creative in their approach to HR management. The integration marks a significant advancement in HR innovation.

Q3. How can businesses capitalize on Engagedly and HiBob HR integration for long-term success? 

Organizations may use this integration to improve employee satisfaction, optimize HR processes, comply with legislation, and drive strategic development. Organizations may position themselves for success in the market by adopting the entire capabilities of Engagedly and HiBob.

Q4. How can the Engagedly software improve HR efficiency?

Engagedly significantly enhances HR efficiency through a comprehensive suite of features. This includes centralized data administration, automated processes, streamlined performance management, real-time feedback mechanisms, robust learning and development tools, advanced data analytics, and customizable options. This feature-rich package effectively reduces administrative workload, promotes seamless communication, and empowers HR professionals to concentrate on strategic projects.

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