Tips for Employee Recognition and Rewards

According to a recent study, 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated.

Employee recognition and rewards in the workplace is one of the main drivers of employee engagement and retention in any company. Employees tend to stay motivated and more focused to reap the benefits of their hard work. Everyone likes being appreciated, especially when it is for their work. It increases the overall productivity of the employees and that of the organization. Continue reading “Tips for Employee Recognition and Rewards”

Employee Rewards and Recognition For An Engaged Workforce

With the current pandemic situation, globally organizations have changed the way they work. Not only the existing employees are working from home, but new employees are also getting on-boarded virtually. Though employees have been working from home for many months, it is nevertheless common for them to get distracted. So now more than ever, it has become crucial for organizations to keep employees engaged and motivated at all times.

If you are wondering how to do so during these times, it’s not a difficult task. Nothing works better than rewards and recognition when it comes to motivating and engaging your employees.

Here are eight simple ways that you can follow; not only during the time of crisis but also once the employees are back to work.

A Handwritten Note

Yes! A handwritten note does make the difference and has a significant impact on an employee. A personalized note, which says things like, “Thank You” or “You Make a Difference” can work wonders in boosting your employee’s performance. Keep them handy to praise your employees whenever they deserve reward or recognition for their work.

In the current scenario, where everyone is still working remotely, you can send the handwritten notes directly to their homes.

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Make It Big

As per a report by Gallup, 24% of employees feel that the most memorable recognition comes from the CEO.

Let everyone in the organization know that an employee in your team has achieved something great, which needs to be rewarded or recognized. Announce it on the company website, send emails to the management and other team members so that everyone in the organization is aware of the employee’s success. If possible, have your senior management congratulate your employee, highlighting how their contribution has made a big difference to the organization and the client. This will do a great job in keeping your employees engaged and improving their confidence.

Social Recognition

Why not make the recognition even bigger and announce it on the social media channels of the organization? Yes, you read it right! Praise and recognize your employees on the organization’s social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook detailing the achievements of the employee.

Add details on how the employee handled job responsibilities exceedingly well with changing job roles. Also, mention how valuable they are to the organization and how their contribution made a difference to the organization.

This will bring the employee into the spotlight and make them feel important. Since most employees are working virtually, giving them a social shoutout will motivate them to deliver better. Not only this, it will make prospective employees eager to join your organization.

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Create An Example

Everyone does good work, but to make your employee feel special who has put in extra effort, make their work an example.

For instance, if a team member has used a new approach to solve client tickets, and achieved better ticket closure percentage, share it as an example in your next meeting.

Be sure not to demotivate your other employees because they might feel underappreciated in the hindsight. To avoid this, in your next virtual meeting, you can say something like, “In today’s meeting, I will share something which Mr. John has done, by which we can all benefit as a team.”

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Lunch in Honour 

If it had been a few months ago, we would have surely suggested taking your employees for after-office dinners, team-lunches, or outings to acknowledge their efforts. It not only made the employees feel special, but also helped them take their mind off from work. But considering the current scenario, where there are strict norms for social distancing in many countries, it would be wise not to do so. Instead, you could get lunches delivered and could have it together over a virtual meeting.

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Continuous Development Opportunities

Not all employees will go above and beyond their job roles and description at their workplace. But those who do, offer more opportunities to them for their personal and professional growth. It will not only make the one who is being recognized feel special but also will inspire others to work hard. Connect with your employees to learn about their personal and professional goals and aspirations. Give them access to learning platforms such as Coursera, Udemy and edX. If needed, organize for skill-oriented specialized training for your employees.

This will make your employees feel that you value your employees’ growth and development. On the other hand, when the employee sees that the organization is investing in their growth and development they tend to stay for a longer time with the organization.

This not only improves the employee retention rate but also helps in improving employee engagement.

Paid Time Off

A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association concluded that 89% of employees are more likely to recommend their organization as a good place to work if the organization is committed to their well-being.

What most organizations and HRs don’t consider as a reward is to give their employees some official time off from their work, but employees love it. COVID-19 has impacted the working hours of many employees. With the absence of any physical office and no strict time restrictions, employees tend to extend their work hours, which reduces the time that they spend with their families.

A day off will not only give a break to the employee from staring at the screen but will also give them time to spend with their families. Moreover, it is a good way to highlight that you not only care for the work they do but also care for their mental and physical health. It will also resonate with your organization’s culture and values.

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Gift Cards

Did you know gift cards can be one of the best things to reward your employees with? It saves organizations from the efforts of a gift-buying process. Moreover, gift cards allow employees to redeem it anytime to buy whatever they want. Apart from rewarding your employees with gift cards for their work, surprise them by rewarding them with gift cards on their birthdays and anniversaries too.

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