Engagedly Announces New Partnership

Engagedly is pleased to announce a new partnership with HR Cloud. Engagedly’s performance management software combined with HR Cloud’s onboarding solutions make for a groundbreaking experience between onboarding and performance management.

HR Cloud is a leader in the development of HR software and HRMS solutions, a perfect fit for small and medium size businesses that experience high turnover.

Its human resource information system provides the necessary tools for businesses to onboard new hires, manage employee data, have a social network and foster employee development. This combination of fast, automated onboarding with Engagedly’s high-powered performance management metrics is an exciting merger.

Engagedly is a simple but highly effective software platform that is fully customizable. The company offers a progressive approach to employee performance management and engagement by organizing feedback and focusing on development to build a domain where employees inside a business will flourish.

The company’s vast assortment of tools helps businesses propel employee motivation, keep an eye on skills expansion, and increase employee performance.

With this new partnership, Engagedly’s goal to improve employee engagement by making the workplace fun and motivating has never been more readily available. The company’s motto of providing real-time performance management that is refreshingly simple and engaging has never been truer.

About Engagedly

Engagedly is a performance review software for businesses looking to provide its employees the opportunity for feedback and engagement. The software is easy to use and powerful enough to work with businesses of all sizes. With the platform, businesses can bring their workforce together by providing features, such as 360 peer reviews, OKRs, manager feedback, peer praise and much more. Also included in the software are modules for collaboration, learning and rewards.

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