Benefits Of Having An OKR Software At Your Workplace

You are running behind a deadline and your manager wants the project outcome as soon as possible. You are going to have to stay for longer hours at work and complete the project. There’s a huge pressure and you can hardly focus on the project.

How could you have handled this situation better? This is one of the most common challenges faced in today’s corporate.

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Why Employee Recognition Programs Fail At Employee Engagement?

Employee retention is very important for every organization and recognition is the key tool to retain employees.

But most employers, even if they know the importance of employee recognition programs at workplace, cannot get employee recognition get done right.

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Defining Objectives and Key Results [2024]

Have you aligned your employee goals with your organizational goals yet? If not, 2024 is the right time to get started with the practice. Learn how to establish this practice at your workplace this new year!

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5 Steps To Get Started With Goals In Engagedly!

Choosing Engagedly is just the beginning to creating a positive work environment and increasing workplace productivity. Goals are one of the most significant driving factors for employee productivity. You cannot achieve something without clearly defining what to do and without keeping track of your progress over time.

Engagedly’s Goals feature helps you do the same without any hassle or confusion. Here’s a screenshot of Engagedly’s goals module that can help you get started!

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6 Creative Workplace Stress-Busters For Employee Productivity

“It’s been a stressful week at work dude! I need a break already!”

This is a refrain, we hear all too often. If not from our own colleagues, we hear it from our friends or literally anyone around us. Why? Because workplace stress is real and at one point or the other everyone is affected by it.

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How To Accept Positive Feedback In The Workplace

This is the fourth and final article in the Feedback article series. Previously, we focused on how to give negative feedback, how to accept negative feedback and the SBI model of feedback. This week, we look at how to accept positive feedback in the workplace.

Accepting positive feedback seems like an easy task. You can say ‘Thank You’ and then move on. Or, you can also use it as an opportunity to turn it into something useful.

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Is Employee Engagement Just For Leaders?

Strategic internal communication is very important for the success of any organization. Organizations with engaged employees have better results compared to others.

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Survival Tips For First-Time Managers

Have you been promoted to your first management position? Good management is really important for any kind of business. It is an overwhelming experience for first-time managers because of the new responsibilities that they are going to take care of.

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Tips on designing effective Pulse Survey questions

What are pulse surveys? Well, these are surveys exclusively designed to measure employee engagement, employee satisfaction and to identify the areas that require improvement. Unlike other surveys, these are time efficient and cost-effective.

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