Bottom Line Scale up by 15x Through a Culture of Excellence

Zone is a regulated blockchain network reshaping the world of payments and digital currencies. Their pioneering blockchain technology enables the seamless transition from traditional fiat payments to digital
currencies while fostering inclusivity among financial institutions.

In partnership with Engagedly, Zone embarked on a comprehensive approach to creating a high-performance culture that embraces real-time feedback and goal setting through OKRs and fosters employee engagement.

The experts at Engagedly initiated the following steps to optimize the performance management process and promote a culture of continuous improvement at Zone:

  • Understanding OKRs
  • Building Regular Check-ins
  • Embracing the Platform
  • Optimizing Feedback and Recognition
  • Manager Training and Workshops
  • Scenario-based Training
  • Reinforcing the Purpose of Feedback

Global Healthcare IT Provider Improve Employee Engagement

Nuspire, a leading managed security services provider (MSSP) was struggling with low employee morale in certain areas of their business. The leadership team wanted to take an objective approach to understand the reasons behind
After partnering with Engagedly, Nuspire was able to effect a change in the way their processes worked. With Engagedly E10 at their disposal, Nuspire was able to:

  • Analyze the engagement metrics of their workforce
  • Able to increase employee engagement by 15%
  • Effectively execute their performance management strategy

How One Healthcare Organization Boosted Performance with Purpose

Leveraging Engagedly, performance management processes to support the strategy were made to be more progressive.

Engagedly worked with HIMSS to integrate its platform with a new talent strategy consisting of four major phases:

  • Launch Values
  • Create a Feedback Culture
  • Build a Performance Development Program (PDP)
  • Align Goals to Values

The move to priority-based goal-setting helped HIMSS realize a 35% increase in employee participation, and the recognition and gamification components built into Engagedly helped drive behavior change, with 91% of employees receiving points for achievements that aligned with company values.

Customer Modernizes Performance Management and Deepens Employee Engagement

Rudolph and Sletten knew that it had to become current to catch up with the industry’s trends in performance management. The company was still doing paper evaluations for performance reviews, filling out forms manually, scanning, and emailing. They were completely outdated.

In the past, Rudolph and Sletten worked with a learning management system that was over-promised and ultimately could not deliver even the most basic things. They switched to Engagedly because, as Shareen puts it, “we were looking for a company that could walk the walk.” She knew the company needed a platform with an easy and intuitive user experience and a simple interface. And because engagement was an important part of the company’s culture, Engagedly’s developed social learning and collaboration features were appealing.

With Engagedly, employees and managers were now dedicating more time to performance reviews and processes, so the time and money associated with the implementation did increase. “But I don’t think we should merely look at the productivity in terms of how much time and money we’re spending. I don’t think that’s the right way to look at it. We need to spend this money and time. It’s more of ‘how do we make it easier to spend the time that needs to be spent anyways.’” The biggest success was shown in the completion rate, which rose from 33% to a full 100%. Every single individual was now actively involved with this new system.

A Global Healthcare IT Provider Improves Employee Engagement

A leading provider of healthcare IT services and industry solutions, Emids realized that its employee evaluation process wouldn’t work anymore. Despite the efforts of the management to individually focus on employees and managers, something always slipped through the cracks.

But with Engagedly, Emids was able to effect a change in the way their processes worked.

After using Engagedly, Emids was able to:

  • Increase overall engagement by 16%
  • Automate performance management
  • Document and record all aspects of performance

A Simple and Effective Solution to Improve the Efficiency of Career Development Tools

In 2017, Altisource’s Organizational Development Team reached out to Engagedly for a goal-setting tool to implement for their workforce. The company needed a new method to track and set goals that were easily adoptable by all their employees.

Though Altisource’s initial quest was for a goal-setting tool, Engagedly’s various other offerings allowed Altisource to integrate them into their day-to-day processes seamlessly, thus providing them with additional benefits they hadn’t even considered. Additionally, Engagedly’s intuitive design made it easy for the organization and employees, which was one of the pain points Altisource encountered when looking for a product. Clunky interfaces weren’t going to please a tech-savvy and forward-thinking workforce.

Comprehensive Performance Review Increase Employee Engagement by Nearly 100%

Actifio helps global enterprise customers and service provider partners in 38 countries worldwide to virtualize their data. Before choosing Engagedly, Actifio tried out product demos from various other products but felt they were either too expensive or had very little appeal. When Actifio used the manual, “low-tech” employment performance process, just 45-50% of employees submitted self-evaluations for annual reviews. Now, the software adoption is at 90%.

Because of Engagedly’s approachability, Actifio’s HR director, Logan Thompson, believes the adoption rate will “only go up from there.”

Employee Engagement Increases by 10%

Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients around the world. They help businesses manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision-making. Experian also allows people to check their credit report and credit score and protect against identity theft. In 2016, for the third year running, they were named one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” by Forbes magazine.

The highlights:

  • Customized gamification promotes employee engagement and recognition
  • An efficient platform cuts time spent on the performance review process from four months to four weeks
  • Streamlined system integrates employee goals and performance into daily workflow
  • Employee engagement increased by 10% just six months after implementation

A Systematic Update for an Outdated Process

In Need of an Up-To-Date Learning Process

Coupa is a business spend management platform that delivers premium strategic analysis and directs clients to allocate and spend money appropriately. This inclusive platform handles clients’ procurement, invoices, expenses, payments and more.

Coupa University, within Coupa, is an area of the company that is dedicated to learning and familiarizing both employees and clients with the software. Vice President of Coupa University, Johnathan Fear, and his team are responsible for all of the learning procedures at Coupa. This includes handling product documentation, product e-learning, customer partner and employee product training, sales and service enablement, as well as general management and cultural training.

Fear and his team have the critical responsibility of training employees as well as servicing customers and teaching them how to best use the software. Fear says that the company initially reached out to Engagedly because of its need for an efficient review process. With a strong need to learn and understand the software, Coupa needed a process that would allow them to elicit feedback from employees and understand what elements of the learning processes were sound and what elements needed to be improved.